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Weis has Headaches and Knee-aches Galore

Charlie Weis and the Spartans continue to butt heads. :: Andy Altenburger/Randy Litzinger/Icon SMI

Clearly Charlie Weis has something against Michigan State, but we're not sure why. It's not like a Spartan ran into Weis, knocking him over and tearing his ACL (that was one of Weis' own players), embarrassed the Irish last year 38-0 (that was Michigan ... oh, and USC), or forced his underage players to drink and get arrested (they did that on their own). Still, two years ago Weis cheated the Spartans out of 15 yards by lying about being slapped, and this weekend his staff snuck a laptop into the stadium. The saga continues.

What we Learned: Week Four

Like all college football Saturdays, the latest was full of highlights, lowlights and lessons. The College Football Guys, for one, learned a ton. For example: Even Terrelle Pryor can't save the Buckeyes (not when he's only throwing four of 10 passes for touchdowns...), longtime assistant coaches rarely make good head coaches and no matter how long it gets, Jimmy Clausen's hair won't give him any additional power.

Come All Ye Commodore Fans

Florida has Tebow, Georgia has Knowshon and 'Bama has Saban, but Vanderbilt has one thing none of them do: the top spot in the SEC standings. Delusional or not, The Love of Sports thinks this could be Vandy's year and wants you to jump on the bandwagon (c'mon, the team doesn't curse ... how charming can you get?).

Let's Go Back to the Beginning

Ashley Judd is still UK's favorite alum and poster girl. :: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Just because Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner graces the new University of Kentucky hockey schedule doesn't mean we should all forget about alum Ashley Judd, the lady who started this fine tradition a decade ago.

Where Were the Wolverines?

Playboy has provided SIOC with quite a bit of good content lately, so we don't want to be too hard on our new friends. That caveat aside, everyone's favorite adult magazine seems to have some loyalty issues. First, it put a Florida student on the cover of the "Girls of the Big 10" issue, and now, in an equally awkward move, it brought four Michigan State models to a Michigan event.

Wise Words from The Doctor

Last week, we linked to Bleacher Report's post on the 15 funniest college football quotes. We can only assume that over the weekend, the fine folks at BR had time to reflect and realized a compilation of the 15 funniest Lou Holtz quotes would be just as good or better, since the good doctor is almost always hilarious (whether intentionally or otherwise). Oh, and there's commentary to boot. So just remember: "No one has ever drowned in sweat."

A Lovely Logo List

Just because you hate a team doesn't mean you can't love and admire its logo. Just ask the folks at Four Horsemen Tattoo, who ranked the best 11 college logos despite loathing many of the football teams (like Texas) represented.

Mean, Green, Catching Machine

All the critics who said Georgia would falter because Matt Stafford wouldn't have reliable receivers clearly hadn't watched true freshman wideout A.J. Green in practice.

Pop Culture Nugget

The writers' strike is over, which means there's a full slate of fresh programming from which you can choose this fall. And believe it or not, you might actually be interested in watching some of your girlfriend's favorite shows.

Today In Hot Clicks

Buccaneers cheerleader, Eagles cheerleader :: Gary Bogdon, Simon Bruty/SI

Hottest NFL cheerleader tournament ... Best Stadium moments for Yankee haters ... Top sports zombies ... Bosh vs. Baron ... Video: Cubs tribute ... dumb driver ... Streaking ad.

Odds and Ends

A Tennessee student's at the center of the Sarah Palin e-mail controversy ... Earn money to watch the Buckeyes play ... Yet another Iowa player arrest ... Snapshots from Week Four.

Another Moreno Moment

As long as Knowshon Moreno keeps defying gravity, we'll keep showing it.

Shake, Shake, Shake

At least this family will always associate shaken baby syndrome with a fine football play.

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