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Gossip Girl Hits Chicago

Northwestern's getting a taste of what it's like to be Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

For those of you who don't know, is also known as "The Northwestern Mafia" because of the insane number of NU alums who work here. So it was only a matter of time before one of them discovered the school's Gossip Girl-esque blog. We didn't know blogs were allowed to have two slogans, but Rumor and Royalty's are both so good ("Drama's a drug. Catch the addiction" and "The scandalous world of NU's elite") we'll let it slide.

Twelve in the Box? Play Away!

We can learn two things from World of Issac's post on the ASU-Georgia game: It takes more than 11 men to stop Knowshon Moreno and the Pac-10 refs are still searching for their A-game.

Check Out Jarrett Lee's Throwing Motion

If Jarrett Lee wanted to know what happens to freshmen college quarterbacks with longish hair and lots of potential, he should have asked Jimmy Clausen. Clearly he didn't, though, and now the backup-turned-LSU-hero has beer pong pictures on The Big Lead, too.

It's Paternoville Time

Penn State fans take their football -- and campouts -- very seriously. :: David Bergman/SI

The first week-long Paternoville campout has begun, and one day in, we already know the following things: Penn State students like tents with skylights, it's "mans" not "men" and duct tape is an invaluable tool.

What a Lady, What a Trip

A couple days ago, loyal Clicks reader Chris read our "A Lovely Logo List" post and couldn't help but notice some surprising similarities between the descriptions of SMU's illicit '80s behavior and recruit David Oku's account of his recent official visit to Tennessee. Let's just say there were numerous mentions of his "lovely hostess." Hey, Chris said it, not us.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Itchy

If you're a sick, twisted monster looking to exact revenge on a lover-turned-enemy, boy does LSU's student paper have a tip for you. Head on over to, where you can purchase colonies of crabs for infecting whomever you please. The Daily Reveille knew you'd ask, so it's already provided the answer: No, knowingly infecting someone with crabs doesn't seem to be a legally punishable offense. God help us all.

Say it Aint So(fa)

In a move destined to negatively impact lazy college students everywhere, the Lincoln, Neb., city council has banned porch couches and other outdoor furniture. How are college kids supposed to enjoy their cookouts and front-yard beer pong tournaments without porch furniture?

We Get the Message

If George O'Leary keeps pushing his players and accidentally associating himself with phone sex lines, his reputation's going to take a serious hit.

Pop Culture Nugget

It'd be hard to improve The Office (and impossible to improve the British version), but re-casting the show with sports personalities would certainly lead to some laughs.

Today In Hot Clicks

Kim Kardashian :: AP

Kim Kardashian dances to Baby Got Back ... Al Davis vs. Hugh Hefner Tale of the Tape ... Theme songs for NFL teams ... Caps make a video ... Video: Odd TD celebration ... HSN blooper.

Odds and Ends

A tribute to Dante Love ... The shirt every rowdy Western Michigan fan needs ... Comparing a ballsy call to a brainy call ... Use Facebook to detect narcissism.

You're Invited to the White House

This Penn State promo got us pumped, and we're not even Nittany Lions fans.

Juke Box Hero

Thank to Brian R for sending in this clip of a young Notre Dame fan with Rock 'n Roll future as bright as his lollipop. The kids really picks it up at the 1:30 mark.

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