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From: Meyer, Urban

Sorry coach Fulmer, but Krispy Kreme has denied your ownership request. :: AP

The folks at The Dead Guy's SEC Site are good with technology, so it's not surprise they were able to hack into Phil Fulmer's Gmail account.Houston Nutt's and Bobby Petrino's, too. In case coach Fulmer hasn't been able to log in lately, we'll fill him in on what he's missed: Krispy Kreme says thanks for your interest in owning a franchise, but it must decline your request.

They're Going to a M*****F****** Funeral

Penn State isn't the only team asking players and fans to go monochrome this weekend, as Georgia's breaking out the black. We know this news is days-old already, but Deadspin's uncovered a new development, and it involves Alabama coaches, funerals and four-letter words.

Messin' With Sasquatch

Even if you're a (currently very depressed) Michigan or Ohio State fan, you have to admit Penn State's looked pretty impressive so far this season. The masses have probably attributed the Nittany Lions' success to Joe Pa's wise ways, but The Collegian and OTR know the truth: Big Foot's the one to thank.

A New King (of Sucking)

Virginia coach Al Groh is bummed, but Duke coach Dave Cutcliffe is thrilled. :: AP

It was just months ago that Duke's attorneys actually stated in a court of law that Duke was the worst football team in the country. That must make UVA feel really, really awful about being a seven-point underdog for this Saturday's matchup with the Blue Devils. You read correctly ... Duke is the favored team in an ACC matchup. College Game Balls says it's finally time for the Blue Devils to pass on their Crown of Shame.

The Allison Stokke Web Photo Index

CO-ED knows Cal student Allison Stokke has turned you all into pole-vaulting fans, and now the site has rewarded your allegiance and devotion by compiling every Stokke shot out there and creating the Allison Stokke Web Photo Index. Enjoy responsibly.

Bad Behavior

We've just witnessed the longest stretch of NCAA compliance in 46 years, which means one of two things: Kids, coaches, boosters, etc. have finally started behaving themselves, or the NCAA hasn't been paying enough attention. Did you laugh out loud when you read option one? You should have. Yahoo! says cheating's more widespread than it's ever been and wants to know why the NCAA's been sleeping at the wheel.

Dumb Arrest(s) of the Day

Success can go to your head. So can alcohol. Just ask the 57 Vanderbilt frat boys who were arrested while celebrating the Commodore's fourth win of the season.

Grab a Boot

Frighteningly, the first month of the semester is almost over already, which means two things: Your first exams and papers are probably approaching (go study) and your local Oktoberfest shindig is just around the corner (or already here). So for the 21-and-over among you, head over to Boosh for the scoop on which college towns have the best festivities.

Pop Culture Nugget

Just because Entourage has gotten off to a slow start this season doesn't mean we shouldn't all continue to cherish the joy that is Ari Gold. On that note, check out Cuzoogle's list of 25 of Ari's most awesome quotes.

Today In Hot Clicks

Gabrielle Reece, Amanda Beard :: Getty Images

Athletes in Playboy quiz ... Baron Davis' diet ... Best football catch ever? ... Must-see Millen video ... NBA look-alikes ... NFL's Facebook page ... Video: Mets sing ... Chris Rock ... Rick Martel.

Odds and Ends

This just in: The Idaho cheerleaders showed some skin in 2007, too ... Former Nebraska back Thunder Collins has been charged with murder ... Peter Lalich's trading one shade of Orange for another ... An ASU vomit prank may have cause a car crash ... Folks at Montana take their beer pong way too seriously.

An Explosive Subject

There's nothing wrong with conducting an at-home experiment, kids, but from now on wear flame retardant pants.

College Fart Experiment - Watch more free videos

Because Oregon Hasn't Lost Enough QB's Already

Boise State safety Ellis Powers gives Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli a concussion.

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