Georgia Fans Need Ice Cream: Campus Clicks

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Grab a Pint, Ease the Pain

Georgia fans, grab some ice cream and forget about your team's crushing loss. :: Todd Kirkland/Icon SMI

It was a whirlwind of a football weekend, kids. Some of you are undoubtedly mourning your team's crushing/mortifying/potentially devastating loss. But dry those eyes (at least until you get to No. 8) and grab a pint of ice cream (No. 10) because Bleacher Report's got a list of the 10 best ways to cope with the dizzying disbelief, and you won't be able to read it if you're crying like a little kid.

Does Saban Wear Knowshon Pajamas?

We hope Georgia's beat-down this weekend didn't depress the Bulldog-faithful too much, because it would be a shame to see their inspired sign-making abilities take a blow. Did you know Georgia's gas shortage is actually Alabama's fault?

Where's the 'Bama Love?

Speaking of Georgia-Alabama, The Meaningful Collateral is absolutely irate about the newest top 25 polls. Alabama coming in at No. 2 in the latest AP poll ... puzzling. Alabama coming in at No. 4 in the latest coaching poll ... downright unforgivable.

Job Status: It's Complicated

We'd lower our heads if we just lost to Duke too, Al. :: AP

You might think a site called Don't Fire Al Groh would write foolishly-optimistic post after foolishly-optimistic post attempting to save Groh's job with UVA. But you'd be wrong. Instead, the site's a hilarious fake Facebook profile containing gem after gem, including Al's networks ("former NFL coaches", "ACC coaches who have lost to Duke since 2004"), Al's job status ("it's complicated") and people Al may know (Matt Millen: "Matt and Al are both terrible talent evaluators").

A Championship Ring is not a V.I.P. Pass

Players who help their schools win national championships are supposed to ascend to near-deity status, but apparently that's not how it works at Kansas. Just ask Brandon Rush and Mario Chalmers, who couldn't even get into a campus bar last week.

Scirrotto Will School You (In the Kitchen)

Penn State safety Tony Scirrotto might be a lean, mean, non-law-abiding machine, but he's in touch with his softer side. Why else would he have provided The Collegian with his favorite recipe for Toscana soup?

The Southern Legacy

NFL teams are already licking their chops at the prospect of drafting Matt Stafford, Percy Harvin, Andre Smith or any of the other prime talents the SEC has to offer. Not only are these kids studs, but they follow in a long-line of SEC talent that only grew after turning pro. In that spirit, The Love of Sports put together a list of the top 10 SEC alums in the NFL. No surprise, everyone's favorite quarterbacking brotherly duo made the cut.

A Frat Boy Failing

Michigan might have upset No. 9 Wisconsin this weekend, but the Badgers won in another arena. Michigan guys, you've been publically punked. Michigan's Theta ladies are so sick of you, they're actually importing Wisconsin frat boys for their next party.

Pop Culture Nugget

We hate to be the ones to break your collective heart, but you'd find out eventually. Scarlett Johansson is officially off the market.

Today In Hot Clicks

Jennifer Lopez :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Wrapping up the Mets' collapse ... More "Best Catch Ever" suggestions ... Celebrations gone mad ... Jets fans start fire ... Video: Baron talks Jenny Craig ... Wii issues.

Odds and Ends

Could Lloyd Carr be heading to 'Cuse? ... Bill Murray is a Texas fan ... Further explanation for how the Beavers beat the Trojans ... UGA's going to have a hard time returning to the CWS if it's starting outfielders keep getting busted for using fake IDs.

Your INT of the Week

This would have been a sweet interception regardless, but the fact that it sealed the win for UNC only makes it sweeter.

Escalator Free-Fall

Most people will probably find this video hilarious. We at SIOC, who've harbored a deep fear of down-escalators since our youth, find it absolutely horrifying. - Watch more free videos

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