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Is This The Year?

Anne V :: Joanne Gair/SI

The Chicago Cubs begin their quest to end a 100-year championship drought at 6:37 p.m., ET. If the Loveable Losers clinch any series in the Windy City, however, fans wanting to celebrate with an adult beverage are gonna be out of luck. In other Cubs news, here's your guide for jumping on the team's bandwagon. Here's something for those of you who need a refresher on all of the jinxes and bad things that have doomed the franchise. And here's a piece on a brand new Cubs jinx -- the jinx of Dick Stockton. Lastly, for those of you who just want to see hot chicks in Cubs jerseys, here's one more photo of Anne V in bodypaint, and here are several shots of Marisa Miller, who visited Wrigley earlier this season.

Boston Blunders

The Boston Globe issued an apology yesterday for a photo that appeared in its Sunday paper. The picture showed Patriots third-string quarterback Kevin O'Connell wearing a wristband that had a dirty phrase written on it. In other odd Boston media news, Mike, of Wallingford, Conn., told us about this gem: "I would never think to come across this on NESN's Web site ... it's an error message but notice the picture? Kind of 'unpatriotic' wouldn't you say?"

Two More Unusual Catches

It'll be tough to top the grab that Tom, of Auburn, sent in. It features Karlos Dansbymaking a ridiculous interception in the 2001 Peach Bowl. Meanwhile, Kyle Nichols, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., nominates a famous Bears fan.

Al Davis

Al Davis look-alikes. :: AP

If you haven't seen the Al Davis press conference from yesterday, we strongly urge you to check it out. Davis' rare public appearance prompted Karl, of Los Angeles, to ask "Is it just me, or does Al Davis look like the guy from the Saw movies (top left)?" Wesley Dugle, of San Pedro, Calif., chimed in with "Hey, just a comment, but I was reading the article here on Al Davis' firing of Lane Kiffin and I noticed that Davis has an uncanny resemblance to Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Both look like they have lived for at least a few hundred years, with a few strings of hair left, giant beady evil eyes, snake and clammy-like skin, the guy looks he fondles over a miniature model of the Raiders team saying 'My Precious.'" And Blue Monkey Disco Party is imagining how a conversation between Davis and Darth Vader would go.

E-Mail Of The Day

Jim Hiza, of Charlotte, N.C., sent this early this morning, and we're kinda depressed because we really expected a Kim Kardashian wardrobe malfunction at some point. "Update on this week's Dancing With the Stars.

1. Julianne (pro) is hot. check out her in the 2:35 mark here.
2. Kim Kardashian is awful and got the boot this week. Her dancing is painful to watch, but here's the link.
3. Brooke Burke was wearing too much clothing, but is one of the favorites to win, so at least she should be around for a while.
4. Toni Braxton was smoking hot here.
5. Here isWarren Sapp for those sport fans looking for a good laugh.

As always, the singing is worse than bad American Idol wannabes."

Random Links

Meet the Troy Polamalu pimps. ... Remember the guy who caught home run balls on back-to-back nights at Yankee Stadium? He also caught the last Mets home run at Shea Stadium last Sunday. ... Four stars for tonight's season premiere of Friday Night Lights.

Informative Infomercials

There are a few of us in the offices who are obsessed with crappy-product pitchman Billy Mays. His commercials run on the YES Network throughout the day, and we can't get enough of them. There are several other oddball products advertised on the station, such as Riddex, which's Gennaro Filice just purchased. This all leads to's list of the Top 10 3 A.M. Infomercial Products That Don't Suck.

New Items Facebook

Two new links are up on our Hot Clicks Facebook Group page, including a must-see video.

Campus Clicks

Chase Daniel and Jimmy Clausen are resisting urges of their own. :: Jamie Squire/Getty Images, Andy Altenburger/Icon SMI

Players fighting urges ... An idea for Brady Quinn ... The scoop on Red Nation course ... Attractive starlets as Big Ten teams ... Video: Penn State's whiteout.

Sports Video Of The Day

Since we started with the Cubs, we figured we'd give the Dodgers fans some equal time. Here's Manny Ramirez at a Dodger rally on Monday saying that he wants to return to L.A. next season.

Bad Driver Video Of The Day

This is what happens when you don't pay attention to the road.

Car Doesn't Notice Kids Skate Ramp - Watch more free videos

Political Video Of The Day

Via Mac G's World comes this clip of a Fox News reporter who doesn't seem to understand what the word "split" means.

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