Help Tim Tebow Keep The Faith: Campus Clicks

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Keeping The Faith

Tim Tebow's got a lot of weight on his shoulders. :: AP

It's time for all you good and true Christians to alter your daily prayer routine, because a Gainesville pastor has assigned you a new task: Pray for Tim Tebow. Poor Tebow. Are we the only ones starting to feel bad for Mr. Heisman? Not only does he have to deal with championship and Heisman expectations, but according to this pastor, he's also responsible for the well-being of the Christian faith. Good thing he has those nice, muscular shoulders to help him carry the burden.

Silenced by the Storm?

In honor of this weekend's Miami-Florida State matchup, The Commission took a trip down digital memory lane and unearthed this fantastically awkward video of the '88 Seminole squad rapping about its own awesomeness.

Love Hurts

It's Thursday, and you know what that means, kids ... John Moffitt's latest blog post is here! This week, Wisconsin's robust center let's us all in on a little secret: His family hasn't said "I love you" since the season commenced. Sure, the Moffitts want John to know they care, but they want one thing even more: To toughen him up so he can handle the on-field trash-talking.

And Then There Were 13

Apparently these Song Girls don't have internships. :: Andy Altenburger/Icon SMI

Fact: If you're a Song Girl and you decide to take a promising but time-intensive internship, you will be air-brushed out of the official squad photo.

Race to the Bottom

Despite its most valiant efforts, Notre Dame continues to live in Vanderbilt's shadow this fall. The Irish trail the Commodores in two notable categories: gridiron record (the Irish are a respectable 3-1, but the Commodores are sitting pretty at 4-0) and student body arrests (57 underage Vanderbilt students managed to get arrested after celebrating their team's win, but Notre Dame's tally fell short at 37).

They Can Talk the Talk

Hey Notre Dame, Ohio State, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia fans, Bleacher Report just called you obnoxious and narrow-minded and gave you the prime real estate on the Crazy Pedestal. What are you going to do about it?

The Tasty 20

All of you youngsters still deciding where you want to attend college should start giving Bates College some serious consideration (that is, if you're smart enough and can afford it). Yesterday, we found out the small liberal arts school offers a class on the Red Sox, and today we've discovered it's got some of the best on-campus food in the nation.

A Comic Education

Here's a fine example of a university using its funds to give the people what they want: Portland State University has teamed with Dark Horse Comics to open the country's first comic book archive.

Pop Culture Nugget

David Archuleta may have lost American Idol, but the 12-acre corn field in Utah shaped like him must be some small consolation.

Today In Hot Clicks

Elsa Benitez :: Robert Erdmann/SI

Rank the hottest hookup ... Sports bailouts ... Analyzing various types of sports fans ... Your Ultimate Guide to Sports Facial Hair ... Video: Cubs Etch-A-Sketch ... Bad seats.

Odds and Ends

Track Greg Robinson's job status ... The sign you didn't see on GameDay ... Levi's has an interesting new ad campaign ... Get your school/parents to pay for your trip to the cancer box.

The Tiger Twist

Just a humble suggestion for all the drunken LSU fans who insist on filming their pre-game dance-offs: Wear pants.

Look Away

That means you, Gators fans.

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