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Hottest Hookup

Elsa Benitez :: Robert Erdmann/SI

Here are two great time killers for those of you who aren't in the mood to do any work. This site has given you photos of 24 of the best-looking ladies who athletes have married and/or dated, and they want you to rank the top 14 by simply clicking and dragging the photo of said woman into the list they provide. The second way to kill time is to peruse Elsa Benitez's SI Swimsuit gallery. Elsa, of course, was married to Rony Seikaly and is one of the 24 women in the "contest" mentioned above. (Thanks to Stan McCutcheon, of Calgary, for the link.)

More Al Davis Look-Alikes

Yesterday's item about Al Davis resembling Gollum from Lord of the Rings and the guy from the Saw movies triggered a slew of e-mails. Jack Douglas, of Las Vegas, says that Davis sounds like Hyman Roth from the Godfather II. Joe, of Oak Lawn, Ill., says Davis "looks like the one, the only, Crypt Keeper, baby!!!" Ian, of Andover, Mass., says this is the real Al Davis look-alike. Adam, of Palm Harbor, Fla., says "I love the Al Davis look-a-likes section. However, you did forget one -- Mason Verger, the character from the movie Hannibal that Lecter mutilated. Uncanny ... just uncanny." And last but not least, just check this out.

Which One Are You?

Thoughts From The Jockstrap is analyzing the different types of fans -- from The Tough Guy to Captain Negative to The Eye Candy -- that you encounter when you attend a sporting event.


Ben Roethlisberger, Nick Harper. :: AP

Now that the senate has passed a bailout plan, it's time to look back at great bailouts in sports history, such as Ben Roethlisberger's game-saving, one-handed tackle of Nick Harper in the 2006 playoffs.

Hairy Times

We understand that we live in a time when men are getting awfully creative with their facial hair, but we had no idea there were so many different types of categories until we read Your Ultimate Guide to Sports Facial Hair.

Brothers Are Back

If you miss Cheap Seats and/or you're a fan of the Sklar Brothers, you'll want to check out their new Internet series, Back on Topps. Baron Davis, Kevin Love, Greg Oden, David Wright, Joba Chamberlain and Russell Martin are expected to appear in various episodes.

"This One Time In Band Camp..."

College OTR reveals The Seven Sexiest Former Band Geeks.

New Items Facebook

Two new links are up on our Hot Clicks Facebook Group page, including a must-see video.

Campus Clicks

Tim Tebow's got a lot of weight on his shoulders. :: AP

Praying for Tim Tebow ... '88 Florida State team rapping ... Song Girl airbrushed out of photo ... Five craziest fan bases ... Video: The LSU "Tiger Twist."

Sports Video Of The Day

The Etch-A-Sketch dude is back, and this time the Cubs are his inspiration.

Bad Seats Video Of The Day

A few weeks back, we linked to a photo gallery of the worst seats in sports. Well, it looks like some took those photos and made a video out of it, and since everything's better with a catchy tune in the background, we had to post it. (Thanks to Jack Herbon, of Chicago, for the link.)

Jean Claude Van Damme Video Of The Day

Mark V., of Miami, writes "Not particularly sports relevant, but cannot get over this clip with Jean Claude Van Damme -- it's like a train wreck." It sure is.

Bill O'Reilly Video Of The Day

The payoff really comes at the very end.

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