Bengals top Cowboys in one area: Hot Clicks

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Cincinnati's Only Silver Lining

Bengals cheerleaders :: Courtesy of

The Cincinnati Bengals are an embarrassment. They've been an embarrassment for a long time. And for those of you who pay attention to betting lines, you may have noticed that the Bengals are 17 point underdogs at Dallas this Sunday. A line that high is extremely unusual in the NFL (except for 2007 Patriots games). But when it comes to cheerleaders, the Bengals' squad takes a back seat to no one. In fact, we'd say Dallas' pompom wavers are no competition for Cincinnati's. And if you need more for your cheerleader fix, check this out.

South Park + Football = Good Times

The World of Isaac is matching up NFL players, officials and WAGs to their South Park counterparts, and giving you a very detailed explanation for each match.

Don't Ask Evan About Eva

WARNING: Anyone who wants to ask Evan Longoria questions about Eva Longoria better be prepared to get the cold shoulder.

Obscure Jersey Quiz

Photos Courtesy of MentalFloss

Do you remember who wore No. 0 for the Celtics and No. 33 for the Dolphins? If so, try your hand at this Obscure Jersey Quiz. Only 7 out of 10 for us on this one.

Random Links

The old Punch-Out video game is being resurrected for Wii in 2009. ... With VH-1 counting down the top 100 hip-hop songs of all time this week, Hugging Harold Reynolds, compares each of the 2008 MLB playoff teams to some of those tunes. ... Things aren't all bad for the Cubs. ... The bad economic times have hit NBC Sports pretty hard.

Links That Have Nothing To Do With Sports

Who's the hottest Friday night chick? ... The 25 Best Movie Soundtracks Since '83. ... The 7 most completely bizarre McDonald's commercials.

E-Mail Of The Day

Tom, of Princeton, N.J., writes "Sweet LORD! Now you can 'Rick-Roll' all of Europe! Vote for Rick Astleyfor 'Best Act Ever' at the MTV European VMAS!!!" OK, people, make sure you vote -- over and over and over. One person who won't be voting is Hitler.

Must-See Items On Facebook

For Torrie Wilson pics and a look at famous nude scenes, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks

Mike Stoops and Mike Gundy sure know how the whine. :: Icon SMI

Whiniest college coaches ... NFL vs. NCAA cheerleader showdown ...Top 10 organized campus streaking events ... Good news, bad news for the Spartans ... Video: Lunch with the Buckeyes.

Sports Video Of The Day

Unless you are a White Sox fan or just have no heart, you have to feel good for these folks.

Survivor/Rays Video Of The Day

We're pulling for the Dodgers to win it all because of Joe Torre. But after finding out that the Rays trotted out Survivor at their rally the other day, we wouldn't' mind seeing Tampa go all the way.

Rachael Ray Video Of The Day

Who knew she was so filthy?

Classic Video Of The Day

Cavon C., of Philadelphia, writes "In response to your Bill O'Reillyvideo, this one isn't an O'Reilly Clip but it's pretty funny. Reporter vs. Anchor. The climax is definitely at 1:09 and following."

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