The Whiniest College Coaches: Campus Clicks

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Cry Me a River

Mike Stoops and Mike Gundy sure know how the whine. :: Icon SMI

Football is supposed to be a man's game, a realm where the gruff and tough roam around calling plays and crunching bodies, un-phased by the drama unfolding around them. But let's be real, that's just not the case. Fox Sports thinks these 10 college coaches, in particular, are the whiniest of the lot. For these fellows, someone's always stealing sings (just ask Rich Brooks), using lax academic standards to lure recruits (just ask Mike Stoops) or writing unfair things about their players (just ask Mike Gundy -- on second though, don't).

Who Has Your Vote?

No, we're not talking politics, we're talking pompoms. CO-ED's NFL vs. NCAA cheerleader showdown is pretty sweet for two important reasons: It's approximately two percent text and 98 percent photos, and it features a heck of a lot of former SIOC Cheerleaders of the Week.

A Naked Hierarchy

Certain things are inextricably linked with the college experience. Things like large lecture halls full of sleeping kids, runny eggs in the dining hall and naked runs across the quad. OTR knows this, and so felt compelled to rank the top 10 organized campus streaking events. And sorry UCLA students, Undie Runs didn't make the cut. This is bare butt or bust.

Steroids and Slaps, Spartan Style

The Incredible Bulk and John L. Smith are State legends. :: SI : Randy Litzinger/Icon SMI

We've got great news and some not-so-great new for all you Spartans fans. First, the great news: Former Michigan State coach John L. Smith is back in the spotlight, this time as a daily radio show host in Louisville. To remind you why this is such great news, The World of Issac has unearthed two of Smith's more memorable YouTube moments (The legendary "the coaches are screwing it up!" interview and the infamous "face slap"). Now, for the not-so-great: Former State tackle Tony Mandarich has admitted to using steroids while in school, and the rival Wolverines are making sure everyone hears about it.

Steve, Meet Greg

There are a few things Steve Spurrier should know about Greg Hardy before his Gamecocks take on the Ole Miss Rebels this Saturday. Like, say, the fact that Hardy eats quarterbacks for breakfast, is an SI cover boy and is the top-ranked defensive end in the nation. On second though, Spurrier should probably start by learning Hardy's name.

Experience, Please Take a Seat

It seems "age before beauty" no longer holds true in the college football world, at least not if you substitute "talent" for "beauty" and speak exclusively about the quarterback position. For proof, check out The Love of Sport's list of the NCAA's top underclassman QBs. If you're as good as Terrelle Pryor, Jake Locker or Robert Griffin, you can be forgiven for jumping ahead in line.

And Then There Were 13 (An Update)

Yesterday, we told you about the USC Song Girl who was airbrushed out of the team photo after accepting a time-intensive internship. Last night, contributing photographer Bruce Yeung e-mailed to remind us that Allison, the Song Girl in question, is a former SIOC Cheerleader of the Week.

Finding Football, Phelps

Today, Boosh brings us one young woman's tale of hunger -- hunger for Chex Mix, hunger for football, hunger for Michael Phelps. Wisconsin student Ashley chronicled her recent Madison-to-Anne Arbor road trip and it's got all the (occasionally R-rated) details of her quest to see the Badgers win on the road and to touch Phelps' abs.

Pop Culture Nugget

Kate Hudson seems interested in landing a nude role.

Today In Hot Clicks

Bengals cheerleaders :: Courtesy of

Bengals top Cowboys in one area ... Jersey quiz ... Don't ask Evan Longoria about Eva Longoria ... NFL players, refs, WAGs as South Park folks ... Video: Euphoric Rays fans ... Anchor vs. reporter.

Odds and Ends

LSU fans sure know how to dress ... The latest college football coaching rumors ... You might not be able to watch Quentin Thomas at the Dean Dome, but at least you can listen to the budding rapper on your iPod ... The Georgetown-Colgate game has been canceled because of an outbreak of norovirus. Yikes.

Lunch with the Buckeyes

From the folks who brought you Dinner with Tressel comes this similarly amusing tale of a young Wolverines fan, a piece of Ohio State memorabilia (this time, of the SI variety) and some nearby comestibles.

The Rubber Band Gun

What ever happened to just flicking a rubber band with your finger?

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