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Introducing the Google Breathalyzer

Goggle's Mail Goggles will help you in the blurry times. :: AP

If we scan the globe with Google Earth, will we actually be able to see Google extending its tentacles to every arena in the world? Ruling the search, e-mail and (possibly) phone worlds wasn't enough, so now Google's getting in on the breathalyzer action, too. Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to introduce you to Mail Goggles, a tool that, when enabled, forces users to answer math questions before sending regrettable late-night e-mails. It's the trusty, non-judgmental, sober friend you've always wanted. We're not sure where history will place this among the greatest inventions of all time, but we've got to assume it'll rank up there with the toothbrush, indoor plumbing and refrigeration.


Kids, it's time to open your hearts and sharpen your pencils, because the SIOC Mailbag is back. So send in your questions on college sports and college life and we'll pen insightful, moving and witty responses to help you see the light.

Your Idaho Cheer Uniform Update

We've got good news and better news. The good: The Idaho cheerleading scandal is still making headlines, so you don't have to check your voyeuristic tendencies just yet. The better: The squad's new uniforms are still material-free around the midriff. Busted Coverage has followed the saga closely and felt invested enough to grade the new threads.

Your Zen Item of the Day

You know you're a tailgater when grandma's presence doesn't hold you back. :: Todd Rosenberg/Icon SMI

A wise woman once said (to us, not to the masses): If a wave crashes and there is no one there to jump it, is it really a wave? Now, we've got a question for all of you: If a man consumes a brat and a beer, is he really a tailgater? The fine folks at Tailgating Ideas say no, but they have put together a questionnaire to help you accurately gauge your own tailgating identity. So head on over, because if you've named your grill, smoked a celebratory shoulder instead of a cigar or raised a kid who can beat any adult at cornhole or washers, you just might be a tailgater yet.

Let the Kid Pass

Mike Freeman's got a message for The Emperor, Urban Meyer: You're ruining Florida's title chances and Tim Tebow's pro prospects.

The Man, The Myth, The Doom

Mercifully, the Syracuse Orange were on a bye this weekend. But since AD Daryl Gross (known affectionately as Dr. Doom by the bitter Orange fans) didn't have to preach faith and hope and patience after a brutal loss, was he able to spend time facilitating peace in other arenas?

The Irish go for the Gold

This past weekend, U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez traveled to South Bend to watch his nephew Eric Maust punt for the Irish. But while Martinez's heart grew heavy with emotion and pride, his wallet grew light with -- well, with nothing. Someone jacked it.

The Debate Continues

The Big 12 might have all the Heisman hopefuls, but here's some food for thought: Just because SEC schools lose to each other doesn't mean the SEC's not the best conference.

Pop Culture Nugget

Why celebrate the good when we can celebrate the really, really bad? Today, EW's listing the 15 most regrettable lines in movie history.

Today In Hot Clicks

Carrie Milbank :: Courtesy of

Carrie Milbank is the latest "hottest" reporter ... Dodgers sing on Solid Gold ... Funniest cardsWrestlers as cabinet members ... Mizzou slump ... Video: Soccer player tailgates ... Wedding mishap.

Odds and Ends

New WSU scout-team QB Peter Roberts had his first day on the job ... It's not funny when high school cheerleaders stage executions ... Even though these people are smiling, this might be the worst job in the world ... Rock Band will put your fake band's name on your gear ... Brady Quinn's not the only athlete in his family.

Carroll the Politico

Pete Carroll's invested in Mark Sanchez's health, but he's also invested in making sure his team's up to date on America's economic and political woes.

An Extra Lesson

Rachel Ray teaches us how to "shuck corn." (Warning: This clip is chock-full of inadvertent sexual innuendo.)

Rachael Ray Corn Porn - Watch more free videos

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