Red Sox players as Bond villians: Hot Clicks

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The Final Four

Halle Berry :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The NLCS begins tonight, the ALCS gets underway tomorrow. So, here are some links about the teams involved. First up, here's a piece comparing Red Sox players to Bond villains. (Halle Berry didn't make the cut but she was in a recent Bond movie and we just wanted to link to this again.) The Rays' female fans are showing their support in an, um, unique way. Here areAlyssa Milano's thoughts on her Dodgers facing the Phillies. And here's a Phillies tribute with the great Rocky theme in the background, and here's another to the tune of Phillies Fever.BONUS LINK: Since we mentioned Alyssa Milano, we should tell you that Tony Micelli cracked this list of the six creepiest guys living in a sitcom household.

Take That!

Speaking of the baseball playoffs, Joe Torre is in the postseason for the 13th straight year while the Yankees failed to make the playoffs for the first time since 1995. This is just one of the items that makes In Game Now's list of The Best "F You" Moments In Sports From 2008.

Wade Steps It Up A Few Thousand Notches

Dwyane Wade, who was rumored to be dating Star Jones a few months ago, has reportedly moved in with current girlfriend, Gabrielle Union. That's more like it, D-Wade.

THIS Is The Best Catch Ever

Lucas, of Bradford, Vt., sends us this one-handed grab by former Bears WR David Ball.

George's Girls

George Costanza

Whether it was the line "Hello, my name is George, I'm unemployed and I live with my parents," his high-level job with the New York Yankees or his cool answering machine, Jerry's best friend had some good success with the ladies, as proven by this piece on George Costanza's Top 10 Ladies.

Great Goons celebrates the opening of the NHL season by looking at the sports' 12 toughest SOBs.

Stop Stating The Obvious wants sports broadcasters to stop saying these fives things.

Beer + Bikinis On Facebook

Check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group for the 10 hottest bikini beer commercials of all time.

Campus Clicks

Kansas Jayhawk fans have uber amounts of love for Waterboy.:: AP : Photofest

Mean chant gets Kansas fans in trouble ... Bielema uses look-alikes ... Syracuse haunted by Wyoming ... Video: A spray-paint masterpiece.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via The World of Isaac comes this clip of a moonman interrupting a golf game.

Spoof Video Of The Day

It's hard to explain this next video. College Humor has basically recreated famous TV/movies scenes to see how they'd turn out if a cell phone was involved.

Classic Video Of The Day

Michael Jordan vs. Michael Jordan in this old-school Gatorade commercial. A ton of Jordan videos can be found on this YouTube channel.

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