The 10 Least Intimidating College Mascots: Campus Clicks

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At Least the Cheerleaders are Intimidating

TLS thinks cupcakes are scarier than Donald Duck and Otto the Orange. :: Icon SMI

The Love of Sports has ranked the top 10 least intimidating college mascots, and, quite frankly, the list breaks our heart. The two mascots we grew up loving (Testudo the Turtle and Otto the Orange) took the fifth and first spots, respectively, and a few of our other favorites (The Stanford Tree, Brutus the Buckeye and Donald Duck) grabbed spots of shame as well. While at Syracuse, we always mockingly said "nothing strikes fear into an opponent's heart like citrus fruit," but we take real umbrage with Donald's inclusion. A small suggestion for TLS: Try feeding a real, live duck and see if you escape with all fingers intact. Those things are fierce.

What we Learned

Another Saturday, another expanse of knowledge gained. The College Football Guys have recounted this weekend's biggest lessons learned, like the fact that Texas A&M isn't the only team with a 12th man (just ask LSU and its tackle-happy ref friend), Virginia Tech can't beat Boston College on the road (just check the history books) and Washington State might be the worst team in football (ever).

Do It Yourself

Props to the Virginia Tech-Boston College officials for so quickly identifying an on-the-field flag as fan-made. The duct tape and penny-weights were probably dead giveaways.

Maurice Clarett: A Poor Ambassador

Maurice Clarett and Joe the Plumber aren't great ambassadors for OSU. :: AP

Sure, Ohio State pummeled Michigan State 45-7 this Saturday, moving into second place in the Big Ten and the top 10 nationally, but that doesn't mean The World of Issac has to like the Buckeyes -- not when they've got 10 solid reasons to hate them, at least. (Think Joe the Plumber, Captain Ohio and Maurice Clarett.)

Once a Hacker, Always a Hacker

Most college students are more than content to live their lives in semi-anonymity, only entering the public consciousness when a particularly racy or amusing MySpace picture surfaces on a blog. Others, like Ivy Gate blogger Lena Chen, alleged Sarah Palin G-mail-hacker David Kernell and virginity auctioneer Natalie Dylan, however, have rocketed into the spotlight. Uncoached, for one, regrets that these kids and these stories will soon lose their relevance, and so has gone out of the way to predict the future for the top five scandalous college co-eds.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Sometimes, pictures are the only thing that can truly capture a situation's horror or ecstasy. That's why Simon on Sports decided to sum up Michigan's season so far with three Rich Rod pictures. Suffice it to say, he's not smiling in any of them.

Speaking of Rich Rod

There must be something in the water over at ESPN. Lou Holtz is the latest to catch the Hitler-reference bug, and this time Rich Rod was the target.

It's a Computer

Pete Carroll's just an analog clock in a digital world.

Pop Culture Nugget

Terrence Howard gave Howard University students and marching band enthusiasts everywhere a real treat this weekend.

Today In Hot Clicks

Kim Kardashian :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

NFL players dating hot celebrities = jinx ... Red Sox players as Goonies characters ... Jeter and Minka do Texas ... TBS' mistake ... Video: Titans fight song ... Cop car crash.

Odds and Ends

Was this the best weekend for GameDay signs so far this season? ... There's a West Coast cheerleader bias ... Before we get too excited about the 2008-09 hoops season, let's give the best moments from 2007-08 some more love ... Does Denver University have a new mascot?

Southern Hospitality

If you're looking for a solid package of LSU-South Carolina game highlights, watch this whole video. If you merely want to see a ref seeming go out of his way to tackle an SC player, skip ahead to the 2:05 mark.

Hoosier Hysteria

You'd think kids who cared enough to make a nine-minute video about Hoosier Hysteria would stay awake all through Midnight Madness, but you'd be wrong.

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