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The World's Hottest Athletes

Leryn Franco :: STR/AFP/Getty Images

In Game Now has launched an NCAA Tournament-style "World's Hottest Athletes" contest. But this is not your average "World's Hottest Athlete" contest. For starters, the brackets are broken into the following categories: Wihelmina 7 (golf), Track & Field (Hello, Leryn Franco!), Watersports (swimming, surfing, synchro swimming), Fast Girls (ski, snowboard, racing, BMX, cycling), Kick Yo A-- (WWE, MMA, American Gladiators, fencing, taekwondo), Girls With Balls (soccer, billiards, softball, golf, basketball), Tennis and Wild Card. The other thing that makes this contest unique is that In Game Now actually spoke to many of the competitors, and is publishing the interviews along with pictures. The final reason this tournament is special -- we were asked to be a "celebrity" judge.

Follow Up On Crazy Ref

So, yesterday we showed you a video of a referee throwing a forearm shiver at a South Carolina player during the Gamecocks game against LSU this past Saturday. college football writer, Stewart Mandel, checked in with the SEC, which claims the ref was trying to defend himself. Right. We believe that as much as we believe Brett Favre didn't give inside information to the Lions.

Spit Happens

With Chiefs running back Larry Johnson being investigated for allegedly spitting a drink in a woman's face at a nightclub, The Money Shot has put together a tribute to spitting.

Phillies-Rays Links

Jonny Gomes :: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Jonny Gomesknows how to party. ... The 2008 Phillies As Rocky Characters. ... Your Craigslist World Series posting of the day (and it involves Dick Vitale's head).

E-Mail Of The Day

Craig, of South Jersey, writes "If my brother-in-law scores three tickets to a World Series game and asks to crash at my place (15 minutes from Citizens Bank Ballpark) does he have to offer one of the tickets to me or my wife? If he doesn't, can we tell him there is no room at the Inn for him and his buddies?" I would need a little more info to answer this properly. Are you and/or your wife Phillies fans? Are the two people he's taking Phillies fans? While I'd say it's a little nervy that he's asking to crash at your place -- with his buddies -- without inviting you to the game, I'd say the biggest Phillies fans are the ones who should get the tickets regardless of whether they're related or not.

Joba Details

Kevin N., of New York, wrote "No mention of Joba's DUI charge? Come on. You guys are such Yankee homers." Yes, we are. We've never denied that. But there weren't many details of the story until today's revelations that before he was busted 1) Joba was enjoying himself at a strip club and 2) was taunted by a Red Sox fan.

Fresh Items On Facebook

For your Adriana Lima fix, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks

Is a strong kick to the groin worth $80,000? :: Paul Kane/Getty : John Biever/SI : AP

An unbelievable eBay auction ... Newewst hot sideline reporter ... Just how bad is Washington State? ... Bobby Johnson's imaginary interview ... Video: Colt McCoy commercial.

Phillies Video Of The Day

A Phillies tribute set to Kid Rock's All Summer Long, but with the lyrics changed to Sweet Home Philadelphia.

Rays Video Of The Day

And here's the Rays theme song.

Dumb Blonde Video Of The Day

This woman goes all out for her mic check.

Britney Spears Video Of The Day

She's hot again -- and almost naked in her new video.

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