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World Series Links

Kelly Monaco :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Before we get to the links, we did a quick Wikipedia search to see which famous person from Philadelphia or St. Petersburg should be featured here. And for good reason, we went with former Dancing with the Stars champion Kelly Monaco. Now the links...

All your World Series prop bets ... Analyzing the matchup using mascots, famous fans, famous products and much more ... An in-depth breakdown of the Philly Ballgirls vs. Ray Team ... Remembering the mullets of the '93 Phillies ... Top 10 Infamous World Series Moments. ... Last, but not least -- singing the national anthem tonight: The Backstreet Boys.

Goofy Gimmicks

Justin Scholl, of Seattle, says "Here's a decent list of the 13 Worst Pro-Wrestling Gimmicks Ever, but it seems incomplete. They should've done at least 30." Justin is right. This list could've gone on forever. One gimmick that did work out, though, was Stacy Keibler's Ms. Hancock. Speaking of Keibler, if you're a fan of hers, you'll enjoy this.

Worldwide Cover Up?

So, Brett Favre may or may not have given the Lions inside information before they played the Packers. But that's hardly the best part of the story. The best part is that ESPN reportedly put out a memo instructing its staff not to report the story. Actually, that's only the second-best part of the story. The best part of the story is that someone at ESPN forwarded the memo to ProFootballTalk.com.

Slanket > Snuggie

Brian in his Snuggie... or Slanket.

We've compiled a sampling of the e-mails we received last week about the Snuggie. One e-mail we'll share with you here comes from Brian, of North Liberty, Iowa, who says "Jimmy, here is my pic of myself using my snuggie to hide from my dog. This contraption has all types of wonderful uses! In full disclosure though, my 'Snuggie' is actually a 'Slanket.' 'Slanket' is by far and away a better name. I mean, what genius mind thought up combining sleeve and blanket together to form the brand name 'Slanket?' I guess some people just have what it takes to take a crappy idea and turn it into crap that people like me get from the in-laws for X-mas." Brian isn't the only one who sang the praises of the "Slanket."

From Mariah To Minka

Have some time to kill at work? Why not try your hand at The Ladies of Jeter Trivia?

World's Hottest Athlete Reminder

Make sure you vote in In Game Now's contest, in which we're a judge, to determine the world's hottest athlete. Today's bracket is tennis vixens. And if you can't get enough of us, check out this interview we did with Hugging Harold Reynolds.


We're huge fans of Jimmy Kimmel's Unnecessary Censorship bit, so this was gold for us.

Fresh Items On Facebook

For your Adriana Lima fix, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks

Rich Rod can't escape the heat angry fans and Sweet Lou are throwing his way. :: AP

Rick Rodriguez bashing gets out of control ... Willingham vs. Weis: 2008 Style ... 'Bama is scared of Fulmer ... Top 10 terrible Halloween treats ... Video: Exercise gone bad.

Sports Video Of The Day

If you can deal with the god-awful song in the background, check out this video compilation of childhood photos of athletes, via NeswSports.com.

Commercial Of The Day

Brett C., of Tucson, Ariz., alerts us to the new Eminem.

Shady Ref Video Of The Day

J.P., of Big Rapids, Mich., writes "If you think the video of a SEC ref knocking down a college player is crazy, then check this video out ... it is a ref throwing a clothesline on a high school kid in Naples, Fla.

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