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The Sooner the Tailgate, the Better

The Sooner Schooner and cheerleaders help make OU tailgates great. :: Haderthauer/Icon SMI : Strohmeyer/SI

Sure, Oklahoma's no longer the nation's top team, but Sooners fans should still swell with pride when they think about their tailgates. This week, Tailgating Nation digitally swings by Soonerville, where Boz's legend lives, the Sooner Schooner rolls, and the cheerleaders make it hard to give Boomer much attention.

Attention, 12th Men Everywhere

Surely we're not the only ones who sense a new college football trend emerging. Two weeks ago, Washington State invited its entire student body to try out for the scout-team QB spot. But the shockingly abysmal teams out there aren't the only ones combing the student section for would-be prospective players. Now, No. 8 Texas Tech is seriously considering using former field goal contest winnerMatt Williams as its kicker this weekend against No. 18 Kansas.

Monster Man (His Words, Not Ours)

It's Thursday, and you all know what that means ... John Moffitt's latest blog post is here. Today, the Wisconsin center laments his team's losing streak and his unfortunate but unavoidable tendency to frighten stray females when his helmet's off.

You've Got Big, Customized Shoes to Fill

It won't be easy to replicate O.J. Mayo's presence. :: Michael J. LeBrecht II/SI

With a record number of freshman taken in the first round of this year's NBA draft, a fair few college teams have shoes to fill. But Storming the Floors says none more so than USC and Kansas State, who lost superstars O.J. Mayo and Michael Beasley, respectively. We have to agree with STF -- With Mayo and Beasley gone, the only guy on either team who's really earned a rest is last year's K-State towel boy.

She Likes Big Ears and She Cannot Lie

There's something in life called "an over-share." It's fine and good to tell the world about your glorious relationship with your fiancé, but we don't need to hear about how his large ears really satisfy your ear fetish (yeah, we're talking to you, the future Mrs. Casey Dick.)

A Greene Initiative

It's been a good week for Shonn Greene. First, he made Wisconsin's defenders look like girly-men. Then, he shot up in's very own Heisman hopefuls rankings. Now, Iowa students have decided to make the Nov. 8 game against Penn State a "Greene Out." Last we checked, Iowa didn't have any green in its Steelers-esque uniforms, so this is a very cool way for fans and students to show their support for their star tailback. They're just lucky his last name's not fuchsia.

Let's Evaluate Our Priorities

Boosh has good news for Democrats, but bad news for all the people who have great faith in young voters. First, the good: A recent Juicy Campus pre-election poll confirms the majority of young voters prefer the Obama-Biden ticket to the McCain-Palin ticket (55 percent to 39 percent). Now, the bad: JC asked three questions about the candidates, and two had to do with party appeal (and by "party" we mean "a raucous gathering," not "Democratic or Republican") and hotness. At least the candidates still believe in college football fans.

For the 21-plus Crowd

Attention, Ivy League enthusiasts everywhere: Boston finally passed new alcohol regulations for the annual Harvard-Yale game. There's good news and bad. While you'll now have to stop tailgating at kickoff instead of halftime, 21-and-over students will once again be able to purchase alcohol at the game. Meanwhile, a new inter-university study links alcohol use with brain shrinkage, which leaves us wondering: If someone uses steroids while simultaneously consuming moderate-to-large quantities of alcohol, will his or her head remain the same size?

Pop Culture Nugget

Just because Holly and Hef broke up doesn't mean Holly's moving out.

Today In Hot Clicks

Jennifer Walcott :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"Outkicked His Coverage" Championship ... World Series = Tacos, WAGs, Craigslist, more ... The worst of wrestling ... Tons of political links ... Video: GREAT block ... Creepy commercial.

Odds and Ends

Clearly Texas has the best helmet and this list is flawed ... Auburn football needs a Wall Street-esque bailout ... You get two guesses who would win in a Mark Mangino-Mike Leach fight, but only one counts ... Syracuse has moved one step closer to firing Greg Robinson.

Oregon Cheer's Poster Shoot

Behind-the-scenes video from the Oregon cheerleading poster shoot. That's all you need to know.

An Ass-essment

It's been a rough couple weeks for Mizzou QB Chase Daniel, and we hate to pile on. But who are we to ignore Daniel's Freudian slip about Colt McCoy's backside?

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