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A House Divided

Michigan State and Michigan fans will try to represent this weekend. :: Strohmeyer/SI : Sackett/Icon SMI

Michigan State's 6-2, so you'd think any self-respecting Spartan fan with a car or a bus ticket would love nothing more than to secure a ticket to tomorrow's MSU-Michigan matchup. But you'd be wrong. OTR blogger Enlightened Spartan has provided State fans with 10 reasons to stay away from the Big House this weekend (including an ingrained aversion to blue and yellow). But there are two sides to every story, which is why OTR blogger AHor responded with 10 reasons to spend your Saturday in Ann Arbor (remember, seeing State beat Michigan is a once-a-decade experience).

When You've Got a Pen and Free Time

We've always suspected life in prison isn't so bad. Inmates never have to think about what they're going to eat, they can sit around reading and watching TV all day (when they're not ironing prison uniforms, that is) and, apparently, they're allowed enough computer and Internet access to keep up on all the latest recruiting developments. Just ask the Arizona high school players who received multi-page letters from a California inmate urging them to commit to Notre Dame. Now that really exemplifies this "love of the Irish" business we're always hearing about.

It's Getting Hot in Here

Nothing says "fire me" quite like an 0-6 record, which is why Washington coach Ty Willingham tops Online Sports Fanatic's list of the top 10 college coaches on the hot seat. While many fans feel nothing but venom for Willingham (No. 1), Syracuse's Greg Robinson (No. 2) and many others on this list, we've got to believe most people just want to give Washington State coach Paul Wulff (No. 3) a hug. Meanwhile, The Legend of Cecilio Guante suggests Tommy Tuberville stop firing his coordinators and start worrying about his own job security.

Speaking of Greg Robinson...

Greg Robinson's got plenty worth yelling about. :: AP

Syracuse might have hired a firm to start scouting would-be head coaches, but surely G-Rob will be thrilled to know The Love of Sports has penned a warm and genuine love letter. Wait. Upon further review, this seems to be an endless flow of indictment, judgment and scorn masquerading as unflappable support. Our bad.

A Perfect Strike

When Pete Carrolltricked his Trojans into thinking they were going on a team bowling excursion instead of practicing, we all had a laugh. Apparently, however, team bowling excursions aren't laughing matters to everyone. In fact, the UNLV hoopsters took just such a trip and seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. What's more, the Rebels took a half-dozen commits and recruits along for the ride, because well-waxed lanes and shiny pins say "this is where you want to spend your next four years" just as well as lavish meals and surreptitiously-bestowed goodies.

Brush up on your Badass Ballers

Sure, you've heard of Michael Crabtree, but have you heard of Eric Decker? And yeah, you know all about Sam Bradford, but do you know anything about David Johnson? And, fine, you could pick Beanie Wells out of a crowd, but what about Andre Anderson? Now that you're feeling suitably inadequate, head over to Rumors and Rants to read up on the 10 most badass offensive college football players about whom you know nothing (though, we've got to say, if you don't know who tailbacks extraordinaire Shonn Greene and Donald Brown are, you should probably bow your head in shame and start reading Clicks more closely).

You've Got Company

A week from tonight, as you're roaming around campus searching for a Halloween party where 14 other people aren't wearing the same inflatable penis costume as you, think about the resident campus ghost stalking your shadow.

Glass-Half Full

If Tyler Smith had turned pro instead of listening to coach Bruce Pearl, he'd probably be making a lot of money now. But at least he's the SEC preseason player of the year. That's something, right?

Pop Culture Nugget

We all like to make fun of actors and actresses who try to start singing careers or branch out into other secondary talent arenas. But NextRound thinks it would have been perfectly acceptable for these 12 Hollywood starlets to have picked up the pompoms and joined their college cheerleading squad.

Today In Hot Clicks

Adriana Lima :: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Readers: "Marko Jaric outkicked his coverage" ... World Series MVP quiz ... Batting stance quiz ... Several TV/movie and sports comparisons ... Video: Must-see hockey hit and celebration.

Odds and Ends

While you were playing beer pong, Melissa Stanley graduated from Ohio State in two years and ran for the Ohio legislature ... JoePa looks to end the Horseshoe Hex ... Nick Saban's coming for you ... All your Week 9 predictions.

Clean-Up, Aisle Four

Generally you want to close the truck's back door before it pulls away. - Watch more free videos

The Cyclone Hour

Oh to be a 4-year-old living in Iowa.

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