The End of an Undie Era: Campus Clicks

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The End of an Undie Era

What would you rather look at: undies or bear suits? :: Courtesy of LAist : Robert E. Hudson, Jr./Icon SMI

Sit down, everyone. Uncoached just passed along some bad news, and it's our burden to deliver it to you all. It seems the UCLA Undie Run has met a premature end. Cost, safety, gawkers -- concerns abound. We understand the powers that be have the students' best interest at heart, but if you can't run around in your skivvies in sunny So Cal, where can you? What's next? A Joe Bruin suit for all the attractive co-eds?

Don't Hate, Appreciate

You must admit, those "Don'te Leave" t-shirts floating around Syracuse last winter were rather clever. You must also admit, of course, that they were ineffective, since freshman forward Donte Green left 'Cuse for NBA riches anyway. But now, with his NBA debut here at last, Green sat down with some of those stellar Syracuse student journalists (that's pride, not bias) and vented about something that's been bugging him since he and the Orange faithful parted ways -- Green thinks the students and fans hate him for leaving, and it's really bumming him out.

The Nittany Riots

Yesterday, SIOC scribe Jacob E. Osterhout told his Dean's List readers about the student body riots blazing through State College after Penn State's big win over Ohio State Saturday night. Osterhout mused on why football victories cause fans to tear down any and all visible post-like structures, etc., and turned to Penn State spokesman Bill Mahon for insight. Mahon's theory: "Sometimes there aren't a lot of answers when there are 25-cent beers and one-dollar Jell-O shots." After seeing The Collegian's video from the riot, we've got to agree. Anyone who can speak that congenially about getting sprayed in the face with mace clearly had a spiked-jiggler or 10.

The Stafford-Superman Showdown

This Saturday, Tim Tebow and Matt Stafford will battle for personal and team bragging rights. :: AP

Tim Tebow may have fallen out of's Heisman Watch rankings, but Bleacher Report has some small solace for Gator fans heading into Saturday's matchup with archrival Georgia: Tebow's still slightly better than the Dawgs' Matt Stafford.

The Choice is Clear

Storming the Floor has a reality check for all you politically aware sports fans: Barack Obama actually does have the most knowledge and experience ... at least when it comes to college hoops.

Behind the Knife

Usually when we hear about off-beat course topics we think, "Wow, how cool." But when we read about the University of Wyoming's course on studying and corresponding with serial killers, we thought, "Wow, how horrifying."

A Golden Season

The Tulsa Golden Hurricanes are sitting pretty at 8-0, but since BCS heartbreak awaits (A bid? Forget about it.), the least we can do is give them the time of day now. So head on over to Stiles Points to learn all about Young Gun QB David Johnson, coach Todd Graham and what exactly a Golden Hurricane is (sadly, that last point isn't actually addressed, but what's life without a little mystery?).

Set, Beat, Set

Apparently there's a school called Shorter College, and apparently that school's tailback has a habit of setting, and then re-setting, rushing records.

Pop Culture Nugget

You might not go to see Jessica Simpson's new movie, but just know your Russian counterparts enjoyed it immensely.

Today In Hot Clicks

NBA Dancers :: Greg Nelson, Bill Frakes/SI

NBA season tipoff = NBA dance squads ... Singletary interview causes controversy ... Phillies were a winner in Vegas ... S.D. tribute ... Video: Soccer save ... Fun with a pumpkin.

Odds and Ends

What better way to celebrate a Tyrell Sutton touchdown than with a passionate lesbian kiss? ... Find out how to be just like the CollegeHumor guys ... Even without Lute Olson, Arizona has to keep on keeping on ... More nuggets from the college football weekend that was.

Japanese Tug-of-War

There are no words.

Hilariously Weird Tug of War - Watch more free videos

An All-Time Alley

Impressive alley oops are almost run-of-the-mill these days, but it's pretty rare to see the original pass come from the back of the bleachers. But, that's just what UNC Charlotte hoopsters Dijuan Harris and Charlie Coley pulled off. (Thank to The Love of Sports for the tip.)

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