Texas Tech, Georgia rise after impressive road wins

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This week's top 10 looks slightly different from last week's: I moved Texas Tech and Georgia ahead of USC on account of their decisive road wins against decent opponents, as opposed to the Trojans' ugly road win against a decent opponent. However, this will become moot as soon as this weekend, when the Red Raiders face No. 1 Texas and the Dawgs face No. 5 Florida in Jacksonville.

A Georgia win would likely push it to the top of the one-loss pecking order (it would mark two straight wins over highly ranked foes) -- that is, unless Texas Tech knocks off Texas, in which case the 'Horns might stay above the Dawgs based on having beaten three straight ranked foes.

The question would then become: How high do the Red Raiders rise? The answer: Probably up to No. 3, behind Alabama and Penn State. But they would immediately become a threat to surpass one or both teams with upcoming games against No. 9 Oklahoma State and No. 4 Oklahoma.

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