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Give Me Something Good to Eat

It's Halloween, so show your spirit and carve a school-themed pumpkin. :: AP : Michael Lamb/Icon SMI

Happy Halloween, loyal Clicks readers! We've got a spooky-good assortment of festive links for you today, and we know you need plenty of time to transform into Hugh Hefner before tonight's party, so we'll get right to it. Boosh has the scoop on the best campus Halloween parties in the country (though OTR says it's always better out West) and UWIRE's here to make sure you pick your costume wisely and avoid accidentally getting arrested for prostitution. Meanwhile, College Game Balls thinks it knows what costumes America's best football coaches will be wearing tonight and 3rd Saturday in Blogtober has a sneak-peak at the SEC coaches' Halloween shindig plan. Finally, just to kick you when you're down, Off Campus paired some struggling football teams with the scary movie horror shows they most resemble. Charming. Have fun tonight kids, and remember, don't eat candy that looks like it's been poked with a hypodermic needle.

Point Three- Planespotting

Remember how you felt when you found out that creepy kid who sat behind you in international relations could watch you walk home on Google maps? Well, imagine how college athletic department officials feel now that they know rabid fans can track their private planes online and infer which coaching candidates they're trying to woo.

A Seminole Split

Good news for all you students who feel your incredible dexterity and flexibility are wasted on beer pong: Florida State has a student-run circus.

Another Reason to Celebrate

Let's all celebrate 40 years of Song Girls. :: Andy Altenburger/Icon SMI

We know it's Halloween and everyone's excited about having a nice, quiet evening at home with the neighborhood trick-or-treaters, and we know it's week 10 of the college football season and everyone's excited to see if Texas and Texas Tech crack the century mark (each), but really, there's no excuse for overlooking the biggest event of all. That's right, this weekend, the USC Song Girls celebrate their 40th anniversary, and to give this occasion the attention it deserves, Busted Coverage put together a little something called, "Song Girls: 40 Years of Making Men Stare."

A Dashing Display

SIOC breeds such a remarkable spirit of camaraderie. First, Quick Slants scribe Ty Hildenbrandt and SI Tour GuyDan Rubenstein got digitally hitched and started a podcast. Now, after challenging each other to see who could run a quicker 40-yard-dash, they thanked us at Clicks (both Campus and Hot). When you see your name a few below Lexington Steele and a few above Colt McCoy's girlfriend, it's a pretty special thing.

Superman's a Scholar

Apparently, Tim Tebow's "found paradise in the flickering light of game film." And here we thought he only found paradise in Crocs, jorts and visits with small village children.

As Easy as A, B, C

When the little tykes stroll by your home or dorm room this evening begging for candy, plop them down on the closest pile of dirty laundry, and teach them their A, B, Cs. With what, you ask? Why, with Bleacher Report's weekly Wordplay, of course. The gaggle of firefighters and mermaids will leave with a fresh haul of Snickers, and with the knowledge of which team played like an arena football team this week, which are bowl eligible, which are looking like conference champs, etc.

The Wharton Legacy

We at SIOC wonder what it's like to graduate from Penn, secure an impressive and lucrative job and then win the "$1 million a year for life" lottery contest and announce it won't materially change your life.

Pop Culture Nugget

From the first paragraph, it might seem like Spike's judging you, but really, the site just wants to make sure you have fun tonight, and in order to do that, you've got to avoid dressing like an "evil" character from one of the 10 wussiest monster movies.

Today In Hot Clicks

Leryn Franco :: Courtesy of

New Leryn Franco video ... See Elizabeth Banks ... Scariest pictures of '80 ... Hamels on Letterman ... Couple of NBA previews ... Guide to TV pundits ... Video: Good aim ... Bad drivers ... News blooper.

Odds and Ends

Irate Penn State students want to know what happened to the paw logo's fifth toe ... Rock, Paper, Scissors is always the best way to decide who gets to play ... Get arrested, blame your dog ... Psycho T's got a stress fracture.

A Real Renegade

No, Florida State's horse mascot's name isn't "I've had too many to drink."

Trick This

It's all fun and games until someone gets punched in the face (then it's just fun).

Classic Halloween Prank Backfire - Watch more free videos

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