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We Need A Break

Jennifer Barretta :: Courtesy of

Here's the deal -- we got nothing. We were up at 5:15 yesterday morning, we went to bed at 2 a.m. last night and we were up at 6 a.m. today. We have a massive headache and we have nothing in the tank. Most blogs took yesterday and last night off, so there isn't a ton of new stuff out there for us to give you. We debated long and hard about whether we should start things off by mentioning yesterday's election (especially since reader John Dunlap was kind enough to send us this video), because, quite frankly, how can you ignore it? But we also realize that a lot of you just want to come here to escape from all of it and maybe take a break from all the news. So here's what we're gonna do: For those of you who voted for Barack Obama, consider this a chance to continue your celebration. For those of you who voted for John McCain, consider this a chance to get cheered up. We're gonna give you a form of The Best of Hot Clicks and we're gonna focus on -- WOMEN!. Oh, and before we get to the galleries, here's your daily reminder to vote in In Game Now's "World's Hottest Athlete" contest. It's pitting Girls with Balls against Tennis Vixens today. One of those Girls with Balls is billiards player, Jennifer Barretta.

Now for your photo galleries of some lovely women: Marisa Miller, Minka Kelly, Alyssa Milano, Maria Menonous, Leryn Franco, The Women of Hot Clicks

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Campus Clicks

Megan Fox could inspire any coach to take the Tennessee opening. :: Courtesy of FHM

How Tennessee should find a coach ... School charges for tailgating ... Seven hotly contested TV school elections ... Which actors earned their GED? ... Video: Prank of the Day.

Classic Video Of The Day

Erin Andrews.

She's Happy Today

Obama girl.

In Case You Missed It Over The Weekend

Leryn Franco.

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