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Facebook Your Heisman Hopeful: Campus Clicks

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A New Seasonal Campaign

Good news, Tech fans. Graham Harrell's on Facebook. :: Jamie Squire/Getty Images : AP

It's still the political season, so CO-ED has gotten into the spirit and started a new campaign called "Facebooking the 2008 Heisman Trophy Candidates." If your favorite candidate's got a red box around his photo, that means he has a Facebook profile. Out of respect for Graham Harrell, Shonn Green, LeSean McCoy and all the others, we urge you to please poke responsibly.

You Can't Buy This Costume

Apparently, Justin Boren has no qualms kicking people while they're down. Instead of welcoming new coach Rich Rodriquez to Ann Arbor with open arms and trying to help him get over all the West Virginia hoopla, the then Michigan lineman bashed Rich Rod to the press and transferred to Ohio State. Now, while Rich Rod is trying to cope with the shame of being the man to end Michigan's bowl streak, Boren decided to do his best Rich Rod impression on Halloween, and then explain to everyone why it was such a funny idea.

Speaking of Halloween

Rich Rodriquez wasn't the only coach people tried to imitate this year. To put it bluntly, this chubby baby's Mark Mangino get-up should be immortalized in blogs and hearts everywhere and remembered fondly on a yearly basis, because it's that good. If you didn't dress up this year and are now regretting missing out on the fun, you're not alone. Sure, it was almost a week ago, but sometimes the passage of time enhances our introspection. You can't, for example, realize how much you miss Halloween on college campuses until the photos from the Arizona women's lacrosse team party hit the net.

A New Kind of Tailgating

Some Florida fans opt for face and chest paint. Others, however... :: Doug Benc/Getty Images

Not only did Florida fans win retribution for last year's embarrassing "Gator Stomp" incident Saturday against Georgia, they also reinvented the phrase "tailgating." We hope these three ladies are enjoying their new fame, because hey, getting recognized from behind still counts as getting recognized.

Big Brother's Watching

Since we're talking about Florida-Georgia, it's probably the right time to discuss whether or not Mark Richt subtly flipped Urban Meyer the bird after Meyer called two last-minute, unnecessary but satisfyingly retaliatory, timeouts.

Vandy, Open Your Pockets

We're noticing a trend in the blogsphere now that we've got a new president elect. Fans of America's lesser teams have thrown all their hopes and dreams onto the "spreading the wealth" bandwagon, and decided the phrase applies not just to familial and personal wealth, but also to conference talent.

A Winning Proposition

If Syracuse basketball can play Georgetown two-to-three times a season, Syracuse football should be able to play Louisville two or three times a season as well. Just sayin'.

It's A Me, Mariotini!

While you're busy waiting for your Insomnia Cookies delivery this Friday, college kids in Demark will be crafting ten Mario-themed drinks. It's not too late to study abroad, you know.

Pop Culture Nugget

California residents don't want Lindsay Lohan and lesbian lover Sam Ronson to marry.

Today In Hot Clicks

American Olivo :: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Meet America Olivo ... Top sports movie villans ... Keyshawn's reality show ... Cheerleader trouble ... Top basketball shoes ... Bad sports video games ... Video: Amare's acting ... Impressive chugger.

Odds and Ends

A Woody Hayes doll in a mini-coffin: Creepy of super-cool? ... No joke, every ACC team can become bowl eligible ... Everything you could ever hope to know about Phil Fulmer's legacy and Tennessee football's future ... Can TCU ruin Utah's perfect season?

The Monkeys Are Back

And they haven't given up on their dreams of a college football playoff, or of Mark Sanchez.

The Name Game

If you're a Cincinnati fan and you don't like the name "Bearcats," you've got Teddy Baehr to blame.

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