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A Return To Normalcy

American Olivo :: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

We thank you for bearing with us while we punted on doing a full-blown edition of Hot Clicks yesterday. We plan on making it up to you today, and we're starting by honoring the request of reader Dave Hackett, of Irving, Texas, who asked that we feature up-and-coming actress America Olivo in this space. Olivo was in Iron Man and will star in the next Friday the 13th movie, coming out in February, and the next Transformers movie, scheduled to come out in June. More important, after the events of this week, we figured she should get top billing thanks to her first name. Oh, I guess we need some sports angle here, huh? OK, how about this... Speaking of movies, Uncoached ranks the Top 16 Sports Movie Villains of All Time

Throw Him The Damn Curtains!

Keyshawn Johnson has signed up to do a reality show, but you'll never believe what kind.


World Series, Halloween and Election links keep rolling in... LeBron Jamesdressed up as Danny Zuko ... Eric, of Philadelphia, e-mailed to say "I am very disappointed in my fellow Americans. Just 470 votes for the Phillies? It's too bad our magical season had to end with such a crushing defeat" ... What would an All-AthleteObama Cabinet look like? ... What would a ballot that calls out the sports media look like?

Just For Kicks

Air Jordan I

On the heels of LeBron James' new sneaker coming out, Bleacher Report ranks the Top 10 Basketball Shoes Of All Time. (Thanks to Mike, of Chicago, for the link.)

Cheerleader Controversy

Cheerleaders employed by NFL teams should learn a lesson -- don't post pictures on Facebook of yourself writing nasty things all over the face of a passed out friend. You willget fired. Just ask Patriots cheerleader Caitlin Davis. While Davis' actions were not wise, her departure is a loss for New England fans who like to gawk at an attractive cheerleader.

Video Games

Mental Floss calls out Five Notably Terrible Sports Video Games, while Four Horsemen Tattoo looks at the 12 Most Underrated Players in Tecmo Super Bowl.

Two Must-See Links

In Game Now's "World's Hottest Athlete" contest keeps rolling along. Meanwhile, The Popcorn Trick looks at The "80siest" music videos from MTV.

Playmates On Facebook

For the Top 15 Hottest Playmates of All Time and more stuff that doesn't make it here, join our Hot Clicks Facebook group page.

Campus Clicks

Good news, Tech fans. Graham Harrell's on Facebook. :: Jamie Squire/Getty Images, AP

Facebooking the 2008 Heisman Trophy Candidates ... Kicking Rich Rodriquez while he's down ... Baby dresses up as Mangino ... New meaning to "tailgating" ... Video: Monkeys handle the BCS.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via comes video of Amare Stoudemire going for an Oscar nomination.

Beer Video Of The Day

The folks in the offices were impressed with this guy.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Professional Workplace Video Of The Day

If you're bored in the office today, try this.

Funny File Cabinet Fail - Watch more free videos

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