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Calling John Parker Wilson: Campus Clicks

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What we Learned

It was a good weekend for 'Bama, but not for Penn State. :: Chris Graythen/Getty : Stephen Mally/Icon SMI

Another weekend, another slew of reasons to knock the Big Ten. This weekend, we learned asking the opposition's spiteful fans to call you (as 'Bama's John Parker Wilson did) is a 15-yard penalty and not a friendly gesture, USC might feel more at home in the SEC, and even though the economy's struggling, Wake Forest should have resisted the urge to bring back the gold. Plus, fans continue to impress with their inspired sign-making abilities, Oklahoma hasn't really played anyone yet and Washington State is impossibly awful.

The 12th Free-Tailed Bat

For some reason, Texas A&M officials seem thrilled Mexican free-tailed bats have infested the stadium's upper deck and now squeak louder than the fans roar and deposit so much bat guano that stadium officials have to power wash and deodorize the whole place every week. Talk about a 12th man.

A Man of the (Southern) People

We'll leave it up to you to decide whether Jerry O'Connell's better at looking pretty on the silver screen or tapping into the collective LSU fan consciousness with a few well-chosen words and a few well-framed photos.

Florida's No. 1

Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer and the Gators earned the top seed in this virtual playoff. :: AP

We're not going to get a college football playoff, at least not this year. But since there's nothing wrong with indulging our impossible fantasies, Online Sports Fanatic thought up an elaborate playoff system ... and since no one likes doing a lot of work for nothing, OSF's asking readers to digitally play out the 16-team bracket until a virtual champion's crowned.

It Takes Six

College basketball's here at last, but since the action will be tepid for a while, there's still plenty of time to preview what's ahead. Accordingly, Storming the Floor's here with six predictions for each of this season's biggest questions and storylines. Why six? Because it takes six NCAA tourney wins to cut down the nets in March. C'mon kids, get with it.

To Play, or Not to Play

That is the question, at least for Florida State safety Myron Rolle. Last Week,'s Stewart Mandellet us know Rolle, a Rhodes Scholar candidate, will have to choose between playing in FSU's game against Maryland or showing up for his final Rhodes interview. Now, the blogsphere's catching on, and Major League Jerk's pleading with the NCAA to bend the rules so that Rolle can go to the interview, take a separate flight and still play in the game's second half (provided it's played in prime time). Let him be a student and an athlete, Myles.

Dapper Diamond Ducks

Excellent news: We'll be able to marvel at Oregon's impossibly vast uniform array through the spring as well as the fall.

The Ultimate Championship

Imagine a sport where men play with women, squads win not only for playing the best, but also for having the most team spirit and team names include "Mental Toss Flycoons," "Johnny Bravo" and "El Diablo." Imagine no longer.

Pop Culture Nugget

Growing up, you probably felt The Sandlot kids were your buddies. Somewhere along the way, you fell out of touch. But fear not, because Boosh has simulated a reunion of sorts, and now you can find out where all those Beast-fearing ballplayers are now.

Today In Hot Clicks

Layla Kayleigh, Courtney Friel:: Getty Images

Texas Hold 'Em hotties ... America Olivo update ... Help a Phillies fan buy a car ... Van Ryn's bad luck ... Top cheerleading scandals ... Dying NBA trend ... Video: Full-court shots ... Driver has a mishap.

Odds and Ends

This weekend's best GameDay signs ... Help remember the Titans (no, not those Titans) ... Pay attention to Iowa football, pay attention to Iowa women ... Kentucky found a Midnight Madness loophole and the NCAA promptly closed it.

It's Rocky on Rocky Top

After this weekend's 13-7 loss to Wyoming, it seems clear Tennessee's incapable of giving Phil Fulmer a proper send-off. Thankfully, Ryan Parker Songs in here to pick up the slack.

More funny videos from the "ryanparkersongs's channel" channel at

You Dip, I Dip, We Dip

LSU fans never cease to amaze us. How many people bring stripper polls to tailgates, we ask?

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