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The Ducks Have Wings: Campus Clicks

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What we Learned

College football's full of fashionistas and secret society members. :: Oregon Athletics : AP

Another weekend, another slew of knowledge, wisdom and fashion sense gained. We owe that newly garnered fashion sense to Oregon, which let us all know it's OK to play with dubious wing- and armor-like decals on the shoulder. We also learned Michigan fans think the Wolverines' eight losses are a sign of the Apocalypse, Colorado fans think laser pointers really add to the action and Jim Harbaugh never forgets about the boosters. If you've still got some room left in the ole' noggin, let UWIRE tell you why Georgia's overrated, Rutgers might be better than we think and the Downtown Athletic Club is college football's Skull and Bones.

Beyond Awful ... and Bowl Bound!

If the prospect of a Syracuse-North Texas bowl game makes you feel warm and fuzzy in all the right places, you're not alone. Bleacher Report thinks every team should get the chance to embarrass itself in late December, which is why it's proposed creating 10 new bowl games for college football's cellar dwellers. If the idea catches on, Greg Robinson will undoubtedly regret missing the chance to lead the Orange in the Crayola "Colors of the Rainbow" Bowl.

Tainting Tommy

USC students returned from their annual Bay Area pilgrimage to find their beloved Tommy Trojan doused in blue paint. It seems a tad harsh to blame the incident on the Trojan Knights, who normally stand vigil in such admirable fashion; so instead, the folks at LAist are blaming UCLA. Sounds about right.

If Locks Could Kill

Luciano de Souza get his hair tips from Sideshow Bob . :: AP

Props to The World of Issac for pointing out the shocking similarity between Idaho basketball player Luciano de Souza and Sideshow Bob's hair, but shame on TWI for saying the similarity's a bad thing. Clearly, it's a wonderful thing. Since we're talking about obscure players with bonkers hair, it seems only right to mention Paul Quinn College's Carl Nelson. The man wears a "Tigers" jersey, but he's rocking a lion's mane.

A Good March ... For Duke

Judging by The Pyramid of Excess' top 25 evaluation, pretty much every basketball team with high expectations should prepare for disappointment. Doomsayers, perhaps, but insightful and amusing ones. Speaking of college basketball, is it too early for bracketology? Definitely not, at least as far as Online Sports Fanatic is concerned. After all, Alabama already blew it against Mercer, and Duke almost blew it against Rhode Island. Someone's got to chronicle the madness.

Outside the (Coaching) Box

If you've been wondering what offense would best enhance your penetrating point guard's skills, why a 7-foot-3 mammoth of a man like Hasheem Thabeet can't rebound or other similarly thought-provoking things, Storming the Floor's new weekly Coach's Box feature is just right for you.

Pull That Tongue

After seeing College GameDaythis weekend, we're tempted to re-do our Mascot Rankings.

The Local Flavor

If you haven't gone apple picking, you haven't taken advantage of all your college has to offer.

Pop Culture Nugget

There's a good chance this will make you wish you lived in Germany.

Today In Hot Clicks

Victoria's Secret Model :: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Betting, Victoria's Secret highlight weekend ... Sorry state of sports in Seattle ... Two tattoos ... Sports stars as Bond villains ... Hank on Facebook ... Video: McNabb gaffe ... Elderly choir does hip hop.

Odds and Ends

Jarret Boykin does his best David Tyree impression ... eBay: Inspiring photo-purchases and historical football lessons ... Karl Maloneshowed up at the La. Tech tailgate ... The best snapshots from Week 12.

Dancing Dawgs

It's not a Georgia win over Auburn if the Dawgs don't dance up a storm after (though mercifully, the tune wasn't Soulja Boy this year).

Giddy Up, Cowboy

Admit it, you wish you had a 'Bama beer holder and the ability to seamlessly incorporate Sweet Home Alabama lyrics into every other sentence. (Warning: Strong language involved.)

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