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Mystery Solved

Candice Swanepoel :: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

So, yesterday we featured a Victoria's Secret model at the top of the Clicks and asked you to help us ID her. The e-mails came pouring in. Four of you said it was Doutzen Kroes and three of you said it was Karolina Kurkova. Other names sent to us were Adriana Karembeu, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lindsay Ellingson and Natalia Polevshchikova. All of those folks were wrong. As several of you correctly noted, the model was Candice Swanepoel. And right on cue, CoEd Magazine has put together a Candice Swawnepoel photo gallery.

Bad Headline Of The Day

We're fans of, but we need to point out the unfortunate wording used in the Leandro Barbosa entry. (Thanks to Benjamin Hordell, of New York, for the link.)

Oden's Coming On

There is no player in the NBA we're rooting harder for than Greg Oden. We want to see him do well for three reasons: 1) He seems like a good guy; 2) He's provided great entertainment for Hot Clicks and the blogosphere; 3) We drafted him in our fantasy league. Well, after suffering another setback to start the season, he's slowly picking up the pace, and as Bust a Bucket tells us, the bandwagon is about to get crowded.

E-Mail Of The Day

Photos courtesy of Warner Bros., GQ

We enjoy a good random observation, so we want to give credit to Ron Vener, of Marblehead, Mass., who e-mailed to say "The cover of the "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!" record album looks strikingly like Tom Brady and his GQ cover." Yes, it does.

Down To The Nitty Gritty

In Game Now's "World's Hottest Athlete" contest is down to the Final Four. The Feres Twins are taking on Anna Kournikova while Blair O'Neal battles Stacy Keibler. Speaking of the Feres Twins, they just got jobs as VJs for MTV. However, it's for Brazilian MTV. If you live in Brazil, let us know what it'll take to get you to throw up some YouTube clips.

Soccer Comes Through Again

Today's crazy soccer story: Players from Serie A Catania decided to pull down their shorts during a free kick to block the goalie's vision.

Thanks ... We Think

We're always flattered when blogs mention us, so even though we just got compared toVanessa Minnillo while other blogs were compared to the likes of major heavyweights such as Erin Andrews, Megan Fox, Jessica Simpson, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian and our current favorite chick, Blake Lively, we'll just take it and say thanks.

Campus Clicks

Are basketball powerhouses UNC and Duke just like world-powers Japan and America? :: AP

Welcome to the United Nations (of basketball) ... Song Girl Natalie Nelson really is a Texas fan ... Exploring the many hand signs in college sports ... The Mackey Arena hot dogs will keep you away.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via comes this must-see Packers fan. It's totally worth having to tilt your head for 40 seconds.

Ball To The Face Video Of The Day

We're amazed this kid even got up. We give him an A for toughness. (Thanks to ZWard, of Pittsburgh, for the link.)

Guitar Prodigy Video Of The Day

We got several e-mails from readers who wanted more of the child guitar prodigy we featured yesterday. How about a little Smells Like Teen Spirit today?

Classic Video Of The Day

Bocc, of New York says "I feel like this clip may have been up on Hot Clicks before, maybe not, though. This guy sounds like a jackass." "Jackass" may be harsh. How about we just say the surfer sounds "euphoric?"

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