Bye Detroit, Hi Ball State: Campus Clicks

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Trading Places for Turkey Day

If Ball State subbed in for Detroit this Thanksgiving, would anyone mind? :: AP

In case you missed it, Ball State won last night and moved to 11-0 on the season. In case you don't know your geography, Ball State's in Muncie, Ind., which isn't super far from Detroit, Mich. And so, the folks at eTrueSports have come up with a tantalizing proposition: Let the Muncie boys sub in for the Detroit Lions (who, in case you missed it, are 0-10) this Thanksgiving. It's a decent idea, but let's be honest; everyone's looking forward to seeing the undefeated Titans take on the winless Lions. Humor's always something for which to give thanks.

A Third Dimension of Happiness

All you soon-to-be graduates can stop looking for jobs, because Busted Coverage has decided you should spend the next year of your life working for EA Sports. Why? EA's tossing around the idea of creating a 3-D rendering of everyone's favorite sideline reporter, Erin Andrews, for next year's slate of games. So get that résumé in quickly, because BC suspects plenty of other men will also be eager to stick little sensory patches all over EA, for EA.

Desperate Times...

What do you want from Wisconsin center John Moffitt? He already traded in Paul Bunyan's Axe for a pizza, and now he's got nothing left to give. Speaking of people making unconventional trades, check out this Craigslist add from a guy seeking two Michigan-OSU tickets. This dude admits he doesn't have a enough money to secure a pair, but then goes on to offer up all his earthly possessions instead. Hunting equipment and dumbbells in exchange for a pair? Tempting...

(Not) Keeping the Faith

Most people think Barack Obama has a better shot at fixing the economy than college football's postseason. :: AP

No, you're not the only one who's noticed Barack Obama was able to get millions of Americans to chant "Yes, We Can!" when promising to fix our fledgling economy, our insufficient energy infrastructure, our foreign policy faux pas, etc., but can't get them to believe he's got what it takes to fix the BCS. SI's Stewart Mandel wants the president elect to know he's got a better shot at making the dollar worth more than toilet paper than he does at bringing a college football playoff to fruition. Whatever happens, though, SIOC's Ty Hildenbrandt thinks we should all take a step back and enjoy seeing the BCS act more defensive than the Big Ten.

Cali's Got the Goods

Admit it. Your favorite thing about is/was/will always be seeing whether a prospective lecturer has a chili pepper next to his or her name. Because let's face it, if you're going to spend three hours a week with someone, he or she might as well be good looking. Just saying. But now it's time to put those chili peppers into perspective, because RMP's list of the nation's hottest professors is here.

Who Needs SportsCenter?

College basketball announced its presence with authority this season with the Tip-Off Marathon. With a lot of hoops came a lot of dunks. 'Tis the nature of things. Ballin is a Habit compiled videos of the best jams, and we're siding with the site in awarding Fresno State's Paul George best dunk honors. No frills, but totally fierce. We approve.

The Best Are Not the Best

You might think it odd that only one SEC coach (Nick Saban) and one Big 12 coach (Mike Leach) made Bleacher Report's list of the top 10 coach of the year candidates, but with so many ACC and Big Ten coaches doing such a stellar job, someone had to get left out. No, really. At least no Pac-10 coaches made the cut. That has to give the ole' legitimacy meter a big boost.

Do Unto Others

Baylor fans are clearly thoughtful people. Why else would one have gone onto a Texas A&M message board and posted on how to handle being the worst team in the Big 12 South?

Pop Culture Nugget

Elisha Cuthbert's still smokin' hot. Her career? Not so much.

Today In Hot Clicks

Jamie Lynn Sigler :: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

MVPs -- on the diamond and on the tube ... Nuggets dancer leaves announcer speechless ... Romo takes homeless guy to the movies ... Video: Fantasy addicts ... Catch of the Day.

Odds and Ends

Revisiting this year's best Homecoming pictures ... Would you professors have accepted a paper titled "I Heart Slutty Paper"? ... Some men need support, too ... One of the more painful things we've ever seen.

Suspicions Confirmed

We've long suspected Bobby Bowden was a gifted orator. In response to the last line in this speech: Uh, yeah, we can ask for better. How about next time you leave the script backstage.

Judges ... Eh!

If you like watch gymnastic routines gone horribly, horribly wrong, this one's for you.

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