The Pac-10's Packing It In: Campus Clicks

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West Coast Woes

It's been a rough week for UCLA hoops, USC football and other Pac-10 squads. :: Nick Laham/Getty : Chris Williams/Icon

It really hasn't been the Pac-10's week. Our very own Stewart Mandeltook USC to task for whining about the BCS, the national media decided this weekend's Washington-Washington State game might be one of the worst ever, and then, last night, both No. 19 USC and No. 4 UCLA lost on the hard court. (Oh, and let's not forget about those winged unis Oregon broke out on Saturday). At least girls like Amanda, our Cheerleader of the Week, are around to perk up the fans. We know Oregon State hoops is supposed to be mediocre at best this season, but we suspect those eager Beavers are dreaming of squeezing past USC and into the spotlight. After all, why should winter be any different than fall?

Someone Check the Water

If, three months ago, someone had told you Lubbock would soon be the center of the college sports universe, you probably would have been forgiven for starring blankly, blinking a few times and quietly asking, "sorry, where?" But the times, they are a changin', kids. Austin's no longer the only Texas town worthy of that distinction, thanks to those offensive juggernauts at Texas Tech. And no, we're not just talking about Graham Harrell, Michael Crabtree and Co. We're talking about the hoopsters who dropped 167 points last night.

The Men, The Myths, The Legends

Anyone can tell you North Carolina's got a better-than-good hoops team, but only Uncoached put together 10 videos to convince you to root for the Tar Heels.

Kings of the World

Hasheem Thabeet is clearly ready for national stardom. :: AP

We'll forgive you if you still aren't super familiar with Aussie extraordinaire Patty Mills, but if you need The Love of Sports to tell you Sam Young, Tyler Smith, Darren Collison and Hasheem Thabeet are about to take the college hoops world by storm, we're in a fight.

The Tradition Lives On

Michigan's not very good at football this year, but Ohio State fans don't need excuses like "this game matters" to jump into Mirror Lake in their skivvies.

Stinging the Storm

You don't need to understand kinematics to know 472 rushing yards is pretty good.

Did I Do That?

We're not sure if Terrelle Pryor has musical ability, a penchant for suspenders or the capacity to create an alter-ego-producing machine, but regardless, he sort of looks like Steve Urkel and Chris Brown's progeny. Speaking of look-alikes, maybe if Steve Schirripa (of Sopranos fame) roamed the sidelines instead of Ball State coach Brady Hoke, his spitting image, more people would pay attention to the 11-0 Cardinals.

Mo' Mane, Mo' Problems

Bad new, fellas. It seems college women aren't so crazy about "No Shave November" after all.

Pop Culture Nugget

24 starts this weekend (sort of), and in honor of Jack Bauer's return, Cuzoogle's listing the 24 sports figures Mr. CTU should eliminate.

Today In Hot Clicks

Jenna Jameson :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Interesting incentive for soccer team ... Food Network hosts as NFL quarterbacks ... Fan's Bonds tattoo ... Obama on a mission ... Video: The Machine ... Attractive girls union.

Odds and Ends

Don't look now, but Florida schools are about to be as successful on the hard court as the gridiron ... Dollar You Call It: An economic fix for America's struggling (and thirsty) college students ... Turns out that whole "GW has a horrible rat infestation problem" thing was someone's idea of a joke ... If Villanova-Niagra highlights make you think of Viagra, you're not alone.

From Rafiki to Rich-Rod

We're not posting this video for the analysis (competent and informative though it may be). We're posting this because it's not often one gets to hear a big-time coach turn to The Lion King as the ultimate source of wisdom and insight.

So You Think You Can Throw?

If you're wondering why there wasn't an SI Tour Guy this week, it's because Dan and Quick Slants scribe Ty Hildenbrandt were too busy making this video.

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