The Sooner Schooner's Rolling Again: Campus Clicks

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What We Learned

It was a beautiful Saturday for Oklahoma and Syracuse. :: Icon SMI

Another weekend, another nationally televised train wreck or 20. Texas Tech, Notre Dame, Washington -- You name 'em, they lost. This weekend, we also learned JoePa's hip replacement makes for less-than-compelling TV commentary, Minnesota doesn't know how to give the Metrodome a proper sendoff and Cal-Poly might be better than Notre Dame. We also learned Brent Musberger's out of touch with hip-hop culture, Daryll Clark deserves your respect and a win tastes much better after receiving a Rhodes Scholarship.

Yes, The Apple Cup Still Matters

Ah, Comcast. Always trying to be bold and clever and timely by, say, ranking Army-Navy as the best college football rivalry over Michigan-Ohio State. We'd say the site justified dropping Michigan-OSU to No. 2 because Michigan's been so god awful this season, but in that case, Washington-Washington State would have fallen incalculably deep, instead of merely to No. 18. While we're on the topic of rivalries, photo guru David Kaye put together a fun gallery of the best rivalry game trophies. After losing to Syracuse this weekend (!!!!!!!) Notre Dame's going to have to work really, really hard to take the Jeweled Shillelagh from USC.

Good Teams, Good Weather, Aloha!

In case you missed the news, there are approximately 6,134 early season college basketball tournaments this year. Everyone's favorite tourney, the Maui Invitational, kicks off this week, and Rumors and Rants is on location with a preview. Yes, we know, the fact that Phillips spends every November blogging from Maui is only going to fuel the notion that you can and should spend the rest of your life as a professional sports blogger, but we can't be responsible for watering down your delusions.

A New BCS Acronym

Colt McCoy and Texas aren't going to be happy when and if Oklahoma goes to the title game. :: AP

You'd think a post titled "Life Isn't Fair: The Texas Longhorns Story" would focus on Texas, but you'd be wrong. The Big Lead spends most of the post ragging on Oklahoma, which we concede equates to focusing on Texas by association. Either something really terrible once happened to these folks in Norman or they really hate what they call the Bull**** Championship Stupidness, because when you bring pink paint, hookers and voodoo into the mix, that's pretty serious stuff. Sooners, beware.

Fact: You're Average

You're not supposed to kick a man -- or a team -- while he's down, but forgive Stiles Points for ripping Michigan football a new one, anyway.

Humming Along with Hummel

Trust Sparty and Friends to justify the Big East's basketball superiority over the Big Ten by saying, "Of course the Big East should be as strong as it is, since it has 250 of the 300+ teams in Division I basketball." Petty words aside, S&F has everything you need to know about the Big Ten's top teams, cellar dwellers and coaches old and new.

The Mighty Muskateers

Add Memphis to the list of top 20 teams determined to make early season bracketology as difficult as possible.

It's the Wrong Way

If you've ever wondered why your girlfriend loves rocking out to tunes like Wrong Way,Baby Got Back and anything and everything by T-Pain, you're not alone. That's why That's So Fetch put together a list of the 10 most degrading songs that chicks inexplicably love. Educate yourself, then your lady friends.

Pop Culture Nugget

EW's ranking the sexiest movies ever. Yes, there are photos, but alas, no video clips.

Today In Hot Clicks

Stacy Keibler :: Getty Images

Stacy Keibler wins! ... Hasselbeck vs. Garcia ... Nantz's beef with ESPN ... Pic of the Day ... N.Y. waiting for LeBron ... Fastest sports risers ... Video: Amazing kid ... Banned commercials.

Odds and Ends

This weekend's best GameDay signs ... Cam Newton needs to pay more attention to Tim Tebow ... Now that Oklahoma's back in the thick of things, Gunaxin's taking a closer look at the Sooner co-eds ... The best Week 13 snapshots.

Why, Hello There

With Texas Tech's loss, Texas' title dreams are alive once again. Just in case that's not enough to lure prospective recruits, Aggie Report decided to circulate Mack Brown's recruiting tape.

Slight of Hand

This weekend, Cal and Stanford played for the 111th time, and this weekend, Cal's student section probably insulted Stanford more times than that with its legendary card stunt show. Video's slightly shaky, but it's worth watching.

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