Finding Coach K's Long Lost Twin: Campus Clicks

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A Devilish Grin

Coach K and the Duke Blue Devil look like coworkers and siblings. :: Icon SMI

If you've ever gotten whiplash doing double-takes between John Thompson III and Jack the Bulldog, you're not alone. College basketball's only been in full swing for a week, but that was all it took for Boosh to notice a disturbing number of coaches bare an uncanny resemblance to their school mascots. So while it might be a tad cruel to call Mike Krzyzewski the devil, there's nothing wrong with noting that he and the Duke Blue Devil could have been separated at birth. Speaking of mascots, Simon on Sports can now replicate the effect of hallucinogenic drugs without endangering your healthy and safety. Hoorah. Head on over to see how many distorted mascot images you can identify. We got eight of 10.

Insert "Ball" Joke Here

If you like watching basketball, showing off your analytical skills and being in the presence of naked women, we've got just the thing for you. Playboy's looking for a college writer to cover the Final Four, and it could be you. Pick your clips with care.

It's in the Blood (and the Hair)

You should know who Meg Bulger is for three reasons: She's Marc Bulger's sister, she was a standout basketball player at West Virginia and she wants to become the next Erin Andrews.

The Billy Goat's Moving to South Bend

Has the curse of the billy goat travelled to South Bend? :: AP

"OMG, Notre Dame is becoming the Chicago Cubs of college football" are probably not the words Irish fans wanted to hear this morning, but it is our unhappy task to pass them along nonetheless. Hey, at least basketball's here. Put your hope in Harangody.

Race to the Finish

It's hard to get through a month without bringing up Victoria Secret's Pink Collegiate Collection. Now, everyone's favorite logoed underwear producer has Drexel and MIT to thank for being back in the news. The two schools engaged in some Internet warfare to see who could write the fastest program to manipulate the Collegiate Collection's online poll and become the newest school added to the Collegiate line. Now that's good -- though not necessarily clean -- fun.

Aloha, Continental Americans

Sure, it would be nice to fly to Hawaii and enjoy a week in Maui, watching hoops, scaling volcanoes and sipping exotic beverages, but checking out an online visual recap from Day 1 at the Maui Invitational is almost as good.

The Jobless Masses

This probably isn't the news you wanted to hear going into the holiday, but it seems four out of five college seniors and graduates can't get jobs. Not the most encouraging news, but at least you can blame the powers that be and not your own laziness when your parents get on your case over the holiday. Plus, misery loves company.

Start Wearing a Hat

Yes, someone started a Facebook group called "Kick a Ginger."

Pop Culture Nugget

Madonna's plotting to get Britneyback into Kaballah. Disaster's sure to ensue.

Today In Hot Clicks

Kim Kardashian :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Bush, Kardashian play Newlywed Game ... Things NFL teams should be thankful for ... Perfectly timed sports photos ... WWE hotness ... Video: Extreme sports bloopers ... Soccer women.

Odds and Ends

UCLA clothing has become a fashion statement of choice in China ... We're not endorsing the character defamation, but that is an unfortunate name ... Let's hear it for Savannah State ... If you want to go to Oklahoma-Oklahoma State, it's not too late to purchase tickets for you and 14,999 friends.

Glass Half-Full

Ask a positive question, get a Jim Leavitt handshake. Talk about positive reinforcement!

Monkey Business

The rascals at BCS Headquarters are back, and this time they're chatting with the president elect.

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