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How Well Does The Tush Know Bush?

Kim Kardashian :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

In case you missed it during last night's pregame show, Reggie Bush (who might not want to read this column, in which he's called "nothing more than a glorified punt returner) and girlfriend Kim Kardashianparticipated in aNewlywed Game-like competition with Bush's teammate, Bobby McCray. And while the clip was painful to watch, we were happy with it because now we have an excuse to post this new piece from Complex.com titled "A Guide To Kim Kardashian's Best Back Shots." (Warning: That link is slightly NSFW. We say "slightly" because you can only see a little crack.")

Your E-Mails

Unfortunately, we can't use all of the e-mails we receive right here in Hot Clicks, but we still need a way to share the solid information so many of you bring to the table. So, here's the latest Hot Clicks Mailbag, which features the more important (a.k.a. cheerleader links!), funny and wacky e-mails to recently land in our inbox.

Thanks And No Thanks

SFTSports.com has come up with a list of things for which every NFL team should be thankful -- even the Detroit Lions. Meanwhile, Real Clear Sports goes the other way and gives us the 10 least thankful people in sports this year.

Photos Of The Day

We're not sure what's more amusing -- the fact that there's a site out there called The Chive, which looks exactly like The Onion, or this post from The Chive that features 36 perfectly timed sports snapshots.

It's All About The Benjamins

$100 bill

So, yesterday we mentioned thatJim Nantz was disheartened by ESPN scooping up all big sporting events, and we asked readers who didn't get ESPN to let us know why. We had to take down the request at about 1:30 because we were getting about five e-mails a minute and we couldn't keep up. But after sifting through about a hundred e-mails, everyone had the same reason -- money. It really was an eye-opening experience. It also was interesting to hear how many of you don't mind not having cable because you can get everything you need via the Internet or by going to sports bars (a lot of you mentioned sports bars.) Ironically enough, on the same day that we had so many of you telling us about the financial crunch you're enduring, ESPN announced that it will soon charge its Web site readers for video content. That should be interesting.

Our Obsession Continues

No, not the one withBlake Lively. The one with Mike and the Mad Dog. If you have any interest in the details behind the split of the legendary radio duo, head over to Neil Best's blog, scroll down a bit and read all of the posts (there about about a dozen in a row) that are filled with new information on the break up.

Random Links

Twenty of the hottest women in pro wrestling ... Is Giseleready to dumpTom Brady for Matt Cassel? ... If you have clowns in your fantasy football league who aren't setting lineups and paying attention, send this link to them.

Before You Go Out Tomorrow Night...

Read this poem.

New Stuff On Facebook

For an amusing take on Jessica Alba's memorable pose, check out our Hot Clicks group on Facebook.

Campus Clicks

Coach K and the Duke Blue Devil look like coworkers and siblings. :: Icon SMI

It Coaches who look alarmingly like their mascots ... Playboy wants you (to write a Final Four story) ... Meet Meg Bulger: hoopster, sister, reporter ... Is Notre Dame becoming CFB's Chicago Cubs?

Sports Video Of The Day

It's a brand new sports bloopers video -- and this one is titled "When Extreme Sports Go Wrong!"

Soccer Video Of The Day -- Sorta

Peter, of New York, writes "Jimmy, I'm back in London for work for the next six months. I wanted to share with you and your readers a great video which has renewed my interest in soccer (or "football" as its known in the rest of the world). I'll update you with any new related finds." And after watching the video, I think we should all be thankful this week for Peter of New York.

Haka Video Of The Day

From Wikipedia: "A haka is a traditional dance form of the Maori of New Zealand. It is a posture dance with shouted accompaniment, performed by a group." Here's video, sent to us by Nick, of Sydney, Australia, of the New Zealand rugby team performing the Haka this past weekend

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