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What We Learned

Missouri should retire the alternate unis before facing Oklahoma on Saturday. :: Icon SMI

Another weekend, another reason to wish you attended FSU. Among the rain and snow and computer-induced chaos, we all gleaned some new knowledge. This week, we learned Florida's the only thing standing between the ACC and SEC domination, Arizona State's defense is a more prolific scoring machine than UCLA's offense and alternate uniforms that look disturbingly like bodily fluids are never a good idea (we're talking to you, Missouri). Oh, and we learned that amid all the BCS bashing, there's at least one college football writer who's thankful for the computers.

Longing for the Swamp

The Online Sports Fanatic knows Tim Tebow's busy, but he'd like Tebow to take some time to read this letter nonetheless. See, Dan's a huge Florida fan, but he happens to live in Alabama, and he really can't take another year of torture in Tuscaloosa. So Tim, the request is simple, knock off 'Bama, because otherwise, Dan's going to have to move.

A Jort Reason to Hate

Speaking of the Gators, it's good to know that even during this time of layoffs and cutbacks, some newspapers are still finding ways to do cutting-edge journalism. Major props to the Orlando Sentinel for its story Jorts Appeal: How a fashion faux pas has fueled a hatred for Florida and their fans. Now that's what we call enterprising.

Watch the Game Clock, Fools

Oregon State fans were entitled to rush the field against USC this September:: Richard Clement/Icon SMI

Basketball's heating up, and football's still going strong (for some of us), which means it's not too late to remind you all that storming the field before the game ends is entirely unacceptable. As is dousing a coach in Gatorade before the game ends. But according to the folks at On Irish Road, the cardinal sin of field-rushing and cooler-dumping is doing either of the above against a lesser opponent. So uncouth.

Grab Your Walking Sticks

Would you rather take a class on real magic (think cards and coins, kids) or a class on whether the magic in the Harry Potter books could be real (think invisibility cloaks, kids)? Yeah, us too (surely you all animatedly shouted "the latter, of course!"). But as Uncoached has discovered, those aren't the only mind bogglingly awesome classes colleges are offering. We thought it was super cool when we took a class on The Wire our senior year, but now that we know there are classes on maple syrup, walking and ghost hunting, we're reassessing.

The Path Less Traveled

For those still struggling to decide whether Colt McCoy or Sam Bradford deserves the Heisman trophy, The Big Lead has a tip: Be bold and vote for USC safety Taylor Mays.

Always Searching for Answers...

At first we didn't like the repeated use of ellipses in this post on Charlie Weis, but then we decided it was a nice, subtle way of representing the ever-lingering questions surrounding Weis' job security. Well done, Stiles Points.

Dumb Arrest of the Day

We've always heard stupidity isn't a crime, but that's the excuse two Husker fans used when explaining their decision to steal two security jackets and sneak on to the Nebraska sidelines. Hope the obstructed view and overwhelming stench of sweat were worth it.

Pop Culture Nugget

You're definitely going to want to add the FHM calendar to your Hanukkah/Christmas list.

Today In Hot Clicks

Beyonce:: Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Brent Musburgeris obsessed with Beyonce ... Phelps' Thanksgiving surprise ... Fun with photos ... Back pages, Web site have fun with Burress ... Video: Great TD run ... Odd infomercial ... Rick Roll.

Odds and Ends

The weekend's best GameDay signs ... Even if you hate pumpkin pie, there's really no good reason to make a bacon rice krispie treat ... Scott Wolf's still posing with more cheerleaders than you ... Researchers unearth the world's oldest stash.

Little Brother No More

Calling Ohio State "Ohio's other team?" A bold move, even for the Big East champion Bearcats.

Crazy Gideon

Oh Gideon, you really know how to talk up your Thanksgiving sales.

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