Charlie Weis is a Good Third Choice: Campus Clicks

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Jack Swarbrick's Search

Would ND have preferred Urban Meyer or Brian Kelly to Charlie Weis? :: Icon SMI : Joe Robbins/Getty

We've got to presume that not all the folks in South Bend were happy to hear Charlie Weis will return to coach the Irish next year. But few things brighten up a bleak situation as much as speech bubbles. With that in mind, Simon on Sports proudly presents a new comic strip: Jack Swarbrick's Search. A word of warning to the Irish faithful who were coveting Urban Meyer or Brian Kelly: This will only bring you more pain.

Seeing Double, Scoring Double

Few of you will be impressed to hear that there's a kid on Liberty's basketball team averaging 22 points per game. But we suspect once we tell you he's a true freshman, he's already led his team past UVA and George Mason and he happens to be Stephen Curry's younger brother, you'll change your tune.

And Then There Were Four

The Two Minute Drill's best-looking college female athlete competition has reached its Final Four, and we have two immediate thoughts. First, where is Cal pole vaulter Allison Stokke? The girl's got a cult-like Internet following. We're shocked she didn't advance further. Secondly, and perhaps more important, why is one of the four a cheerleader? We're not trying to start a "cheerleading isn't a sport" argument and we certainly don't have anything against Ms. Watson or her Longhorn squad mates, but there are already a zillion cheerleader-only rankings out there. Spread the love, that's all we're saying.

They're Sick of the Rose Bowl

The Song Girls and the Rose Bowl go together like PB&J. :: Dustin Snipes/Icon SMI

Everyone's talking about how the BCS is shafting Texas by leaving the Longhorns out of the Big 12 title game, and thus, most likely, the BCS title game. But few people besides Pete Carroll (who's talked about it almost non-stop since September) are wailing on USC's behalf. Until now. The College Football Guys think the Trojans deserve a trip to Miami as much as any SEC team.

Losing the Harmony

The French Horn seems like a pretty powerful instrument. It's no tuba, but it's a hulking piece of twisted metal, which leads us to believe men should feel fairly macho wielding it. At least that's what we thought before we heard about the Southern University band hazing scandal. French horns + water + 2x4's = recipe for trauma, suspension and a Busted Coverage blog post.

The Relics of Youth

One of the best parts about going home for the holidays is plopping down in your old room and rummaging through your childhood possessions. accepts this as a fact of life, and after much thorough discussion with comrades and foes, has determined the 10 items you were most likely to find back home over Thanksgiving. All we can say is: If only we'd found our old Starter jacket. We, like much of good ole' Reisterstown elementary school, preferred the Charlotte Hornets variety, but alas.

The Wisdom to Know the Difference

The college football universe can be a confusing place. A man can spend most of his time watching games and soaking up stats and commentary and still fail to see the lights. That's why Sako needs your help. He wants to know why Pete Carroll resisted the urge to run up the score against Notre Dame. He wants to know what a style point is, and how many Mike Gundy earned for his infamous rant. And he wants to know whether the USC Song Girls or the Dancing With the Stars brass are a better looking bunch. You're a wise bunch. Help him.

Don't Hate, Appreciate

The Love of Sports has a simple request: Please stop your hating and get off the Big Ten's back. Hey, maybe the fact that Northwestern's arguably the conference's third-best team is a good thing.

Pop Culture Nugget

Boys, Spencer shouldn't be your role model for anything, and wedding rings are no exception.

Today In Hot Clicks

Erin Heatherton :: Getty Images

Tremendous television night ... Fashion faux pas ... Fallout from Avery's "sloppy seconds" remark ... Athlete autobiography quiz ... NFL QB quiz ... Video: U2 tune for Plaxico .. Antics at the gym.

Odds and Ends

If he's a sensitive guy, Dan Beebe should not read this blog post ... No, you haven't heard the last of the Duke lacrosse scandal just yet ... There are people out there who study studying ... The Mad Scientist might be heading the Apple Country.

Sweet Home Alabama

If you're deeply disturbed by this video of a bunch of Gator haters ritually burning a UF flag, you're not alone. It's got that pseudo-terrorist vibe, doesn't it?

The Trojan Knights

You hear that, UCLA? The Trojan Knights have an "understanding" with USC campus safety officials. That means if you try to attack Tommy Trojan, they'll beat you up and get away with it.

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