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Recent Hot Clicks 12-10-08: Highlights of the Year 12-9-08: Bizarre Stories of the Year 12-8-08: Big Baby, punched coach, nude Viking highlight the weekend 12-5-08: Used underwear of MLB players on eBay 12-4-08: Victoria's Secret show too steamy? 12-3-08: Must-watch Victoria's Secret show 12-2-08: We play the cheerleader card 12-01-08: Brent Musburger obsessed with Beyonce 11-26-08: Top 10 NCAA Football TV Personalities 11-25-08: Kardashian, Bush play "The Newlywed Game" 11-24-08: Keibler wins "Hottest Athlete" contest 11-21-08: Soccer team given porn if it wins games

Clicksy Awards: Videos

Jessica Simpson :: Courtesy of

The 2008 Clicksy Awards roll on with a look at the most memorable videos from the past year. Categories include Coolest Athletic Video: Compilation, Coolest Athletic Video: Single Play, Best Pop Culture Video and Best Video Of An Athlete Singing. Jessica Simpson's boyfriend, and Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo is nominated for his performance of Sweet Child O' Mine. Please remember: All videos that are nominated can be viewed by clicking on the nominee in the poll. Three quick notes. One: Tomorrow's Clicksy Award category is "Women," in which we'll honor some of the ladies who have become Hot Clicks staples. Two: You can still vote in our two previous categories, Highlights of the Year and Most Bizarre Stories of the Year. Three: Here are more Jessica Simpson photos, and since we're honoring videos, a must-see Jessica Simpson video.

Fun With Photos

They're already working onCC Sabathia's Yankees jersey ... The title on this story says "Loose Ball Evades Entire NBA," and the photo is even better ... Jennifer Anistonis on the cover ofGQ -- naked.

A Bookmark For Lions Fans

The World Of Isaac has the amusing story behind

Two Quizzes

Heisman Trophy :: Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Mental Floss has put together a Heisman Trophy quiz, while the Legend of Cecilio Guante comes up with a Jeopardy-inspired NBA "Surprise" Stats Quiz.

He May Get Coal In His Stocking...

But, Terrell Owenshas some serious Christmas spirit.

Will The Real Smash-and-Dash Please Stand Up

LenDale White may have uttered the quote of the NFL season yesterday. It appears that the Titans running back is upset about some nickname controversy.

Totally Random Lists

The 10 Greatest Fast Food Sides ... Top 50 Guy Movies of the 1990s ... The top 10 hottest MMA girls of all time ... Top 15 LeBron Jamesdunks of 2008.

A Couple Of Notes

Last Friday, we featured a video for the Wunder Boner. Our inbox quickly became stuffed with e-mails from readers asking and telling us that the voiceover was done by Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs.Jeff J., of Mishawaka, Ind., even provided this link to Rowe singing the national anthem at a minor league game this past season. Also, we've gotten tons of e-mails about sports look-alikes. We're compiling them all and will put them in a fancy photo gallery for you some time next week. We'll keep you posted.

Today's 2009 Calendar

Girls of the Big 10 calendar: Courtesy of has two calendars for the college folks out there. One features girls of the Big 10 and the other features girls of the Pac 10.

Fresh Links On Facebook

Don't forget... more Heidi Klum on our Hot Clicks Facebook Group page.

Campus Clicks

If Colt McCoy were a holiday gift, he'd be a Rubik's Cube. :: AP

Comparing Heisman candidates to holiday gifts ... Tim Tebow and Tyler Hansbrough, alter egos? ... A slew of college-related underwear news ... Video: UNC students throw library dance party.

Sports Video Of The Day

Those genes that Barry Sanders Jr. got are being put to good use. Check out the Heritage Hall High School freshman pull off an amazing touchdown run this past weekend.

Paintball Video Of The Day

Check out this guy making a painting of Muhammad Ali -- using a paintball gun. (Thanks to Brent Kunkel, West Lafayette, Ind., for the link.)

Cindy Crawford Video Of The Day

The Arena Football League may or may not be history. But either way, things don't look good and Hugging Harold Reynolds is pointing the blame towardJon Bon Jovi. Now, things aren't all bad for Bon Jovi. The group was just named 2008's top touring band and with the holiday season here, he can always look back on this video to cheer him up.

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