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Grab That Baby And Strike A Pose

Football fans love to come up with their own Heisman poses. :: Busted Coverage : Al Tielemans/SI

The Heisman pose is one of the most iconic stances in America, but even so, it's nice to spice things up every now and again. You know, swap out the football for a small dog or child, replace the suit-wearing football player with a scantily clad college co-ed. Simple things of that nature. With the 2008 Heisman Trophy ceremony looming, Busted Coverage is looking back at the 16 greatest moments in Heisman Trophy posing history. Our favorites are the shot of '07 winner Tim Tebow posing with a baby in Chiang Mai and the under water scuba diver, but we have a sneaking suspicion you will like the Hooters girls best.

The Undie Run Lives On

Oh, joyous day. Not only did UCLA students snub the authority figures who so desperately wanted them to refrain from running around campus in their underwear, they also took the time to talk to the LA Times folks who were on scene filming the action. You heard right, kids. This year, there's undie run video. Enjoy responsibly.

That's Not How You Treat A Sister

We've always heard conflicting reports about sororities. Some say they're welcoming places where your fellow members treat you like family and always have your back. Others, however, claim they're mini chambers of hell, where petty, jealous girls who look good in tight clothing get miffed when other petty, jealous girls look better in tight clothing. We've never known what to believe, but we've got to put a point in the latter column after hearing Michigan State sorority Zeta Tau Alpha kicked out sister Ryan Lovette for posing in Playboy. Where's the love?

Let's See Jessica's Heisman Pose

If Jessica Biel were a Heisman candidate, she'd be Colt McCoy. :: Getty Images (2)

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: This is a close, tough Heisman race. If any of you at-home analysts are still trying to make up your mind, you might find this "Heisman hopefuls and hot girls" guide helpful. SFT Sports has matched each contender with the celebrity starlet to whom he's most similar, because it never hurts to have a little more perspective. So when trying to decide who has your hypothetical Heisman vote, you've really got to ask whether you like Jessica Simpson, Hayden Panettiere or Jessica Biel best.

Those Harris Guys Are Whacky, Too

We're always hearing about the Coaches Poll and AP Poll, but very few of us spend much time thinking or talking about the Harris Poll. Harris voters may have less conflict of interest than the coaches, but Simon on Sports did some digging and would like you to know their ballots are just as whacky. Congratulations to Larry Keech, who has earned the dubious distinction of putting together the worst ballot on the planet thanks to his blatant love affair with the mid-majors.

You've Got A 57 Percent Shot

At this point, we're just wondering if any bowl previews will feature leads that aren't entirely devoted to lamenting the bowl system.

Leading Longhorn In Waiting

Don't fret, Longhorns fans. If the Muschamp-to-Auburn rumors are true, it just means it's that much more like Matthew McConaughey will one day be your celebrity coach.

On A Serious Note

The folks at Waiting For Next Year want to be honest. They don't know the back story for every player nominated for the Orange Bowl Courage Award, but they do know Tyson Gentry's story, and they'd love it if you all took a moment to read about Tyson's accident and his time at OSU.

Pop Culture Nugget

We feel compelled to vote for Mr. Feeny, but we'll still respect you if you vote for Mr. Belding.

Today In Hot Clicks

Getty Images

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Odds and Ends

The Sam Bradford contingent has not given up Heisman hope ... If college football were the Golden Globes ... Your daily dose of bracketology ... Stephen Curry likes the nickname "Babyface Assassin."

They've Gone Gonzo

A year later, Seton Hall fans are still finding inspiration in their upset win over Louisville.

The Harvard Hooligan

Somehow, someway, this semi-insane Harvard Hooligan rant from before "The Game" escaped our attention until now. In case you can't pick up on the message, he Really. Hates. Yale.

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