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Clicksy Awards: Women

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In today's edition of the 2008 Clicksy Awards, we're honoring the women who are often featured in Hot Clicks (with a bonus question at the end.) You can still vote in the three previous categories (Bizarre Stories, Highlights of the Year and Video), we featured this week. And remember to click on the nominees in each poll for more information. Once again, The Women of the Year.

Early 2009 Clicksy Nominee?

We'll take the explanation right from theLas Vegas Sun: "The ECHL affiliate of the NHL's Calgary Flames will don prison-style uniforms to pay tribute to recently disgraced Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich on Jan. 30 against the Victoria Salmon Kings."

Analyzing The Alibis

Also featured in the 2008 Clicksy Awards was a category for Most Bizarre Injury of the Year. Well, it turns out some of those stories may not be true. Gibbs 12 has uncovered what REALLY happened to several athletes who suffered hard-to-believe injuries.

Nation's New Look

Terry Francona, Jim Rice, Jerry Remy :: AP

The Boston Red Sox will sport these new uniforms next season. Red Sox Monster has a full report and many more pictures.

The Next Ron Jeremy?

As you know by now, Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe was accidentally exposed by Fox cameras that were in Minnesota's locker room last week. But for Shiancoe, there's an upside -- he's getting some interesting offers. If Shiancoe, turns them down, maybe Michael Wilbonwill step up.

Fun With Photos

Yesterday, we linked you to a photo of someone making CC Sabathia's new jersey. It was all in good fun and we'd never just make a cheap fat joke about someone, so today we're going to show the real Sabathia jersey. ... TheChive.com has compiled 70 of the most amazing sports action photos ... And this site has plenty of gems, especially the Plaxico Burress photo.

Just In Time For The Holidays...

A photo gallery of perverted snowmen ... 10 people who will ruin your Christmas party ... The 100 Greatest Down-and-Out-on- Christmas Songs.


Those of you not from New York can skip this item. We saw a link on MikeFrancesa.com yesterday that we wanted to embed down below in our "Videos of the Day" section, but the YouTuber has disabled the feature. If someone can repost it so we can embed, we'll be eternally grateful. The video features a caller getting snippy with host Mike Francesa, telling him to "be quiet." Of course, that was a dumb move on the caller's part because it automatically gets you an emphatic handwave from the Big Guy. On a side note, we're sure nobody from WFAN reads Hot Clicks, but in case they do, we'd like to nominate Sal Licata for the opening on the show. We're big fans of the "Sal Special."

Magazine Madness

Yesterday, we told you about Jennifer Aniston's nude GQ cover. Here are more pics from the shoot. ... Carmen Electrais on the cover of Playboy's 55th anniversary issue ... Model Dasha Astafievais also in the issue ... And In Game Now has a detailed look at athletes who have appeared in Playboy.

Today's 2009 Calendar

Lingerie Football League

The Lingerie Football League has a 2009 calendar on sale. And ObservationBubble.com has a ton of photos from the calendar.


Some time last night, our Hot Clicks Facebook Group landed it's 10,000th member. We're celebrating the milestone by providing all of you with this link to The Complete Marisa Miller Web Gallery Index.

Campus Clicks

Football fans love to come up with their own Heisman poses. :: Busted Coverage : Al Tielemans/SI

The top 16 Heisman Trophy poses of all time ... The UCLA undie run is back, and there's video ... A major Michigan State sorority girl snub ... Heisman hopefuls and their starlet counterparts.

Sports Video Of The Day

If you watched the WWF while growing up in the '80s, you'll thoroughly enjoy the first minute of this clip. If you got back on the wrestling bandwagon in the late '90s when Stone Cold and The Rock were around, you'll enjoy the first two minutes of the clip. If you're still watching the WWE, you'll enjoy the whole thing.

Inspirational Movie Speeches Video Of The Day

Here are 40 inspirational speeches in two minutes. How many of the movies featured in the clip can you name? (Thanks to James Zerda, of Dallas, for the link.)

Commercial Of The Day

The BallBuster looks like fun. (Thanks to Nick K., of Greenwich, Conn., for the link.)

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