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Jetting For Success

Auburn fans know Gene Chizik's Iowa State tenure was short on success. :: AP (2) : Orlan H. Ree, Jr./Icon SMI

There are a fair few Gene Chizik blog posts out there today, and we're going to be honest, very few are complimentary. Seems Auburn fans aren't finding a lot of strength in Chizik's 5-19 record over the past two seasons. And no, fancy blazers and impending final exams aren't going to distract the Tiger or Cyclone faithful.

Brains And Brawn

Oklahoma's got a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback and a 50-50 shot at taking home the national title, but the Sooners have one other thing: an abysmal team graduation rate. Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, still reeling from the Big 12 South tiebreaker snub, thinks graduation rates should be the new conference tiebreaker, and after seeing percentages of 46, 44 and 38 next to Oklahoma's name, The Love of Sports is inclined to agree.

Final Papers: A Necessary Evil

Man oh man, time flies when you're searching the blogosphere daily for a tantalizing assortment of college-related links. It seems like only yesterday we were wishing you all good luck with the new semester and telling you to play nicely with your random roommates, and now, winter break approaches. It looms. We know you'd like to think about holiday presents and end-of-term keggers and the middle school crush you're going to see at your first pseudo hometown reunion, but we, in conjunction with Boosh, are imploring you to get your papers done before you completely drift into fantasy land. And just in case you need a little assistance coming up with the knock-out paper topic you need to lock up a satisfactory GPA, Boosh has compiled some essential tips. We've always known colons would have their day in the sun...

Bobby And Erin Are Not Sitting In A Tree

Turns out Bobby Frasor and Erin Andrews did not enjoy a cozy night together.. :: AP

No one likes a spoiled hoops squad, which is why it's a good thing Papa Frasor just squelched the rumors surrounding son and UNC basketball player Bobby Frasor. A No. 1 ranking is good enough. These kids don't also need a teammate dating everyone's favorite sideline reporter, Erin Andrews.

Maybe He's Better Off Without It

Colt McCoy supporters, take heart. Gunaxin would like to remind you all that a Heisman win would have meant little good for McCoy's football future. We know, we know, it's about respect, but for every Eddie George, there are five Eric Crouch's.

Meet Ben The Bison

One personal foul and 60 points (including 30 from the line) in 51 minutes. Not a bad night for Ben Woodside. In other mid-major news, Rumors and Rants would like to transfer the Horizon League spotlight from Butler to the University of Illinois, Chicago. The brighter the light, the better we can all see Flames guard Josh Mayo. He's not O.J., but he's doing the "Mayo" name proud.

Dance, Dance Revolution

When we were in college, students celebrated the end of the semester by, you know, going home. Clearly we were missing out, because the celebratory library rave trend sweeping the nation (or at least the Carolinas) seems like a blast.

Assassin, Meet Destroyer

Last week, we told you Stephen Curry's partial to the nickname "Babyfaced Assassin." Loyal Campus Clicks reader Navin would like Curry and the SIOC community to know the beloved nickname's already taken. As Navin says, "You can't argue with two Olympic gold medals and eight world championships."

Pop Culture Nugget

It seems Kanye has a higher opinion of himself than you all have of him.

Today In Hot Clicks

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Cowboys as Christmas Vacation characters ... Worst Christmas gifts ... Top MLB error cards ... Bengals in toilet ... Barry Sanders Jr. at it again ... Video: Sad Redskins fan ... Disturbing kid's toy.

Odds and Ends

Indiana University would like you to take its logo off your beer signs, thank you kindly ... Simon on Sports is an excellent trend spotter and possibly a Seer ... Since you can't introduce a pro-playoff bill into the House of Representatives, you might as well sign the petition ... More bowl game previews.

The Nose Knows

A few of you have been clamoring for some hockey coverage on SIOC, so here you go (sort of). It takes some real sportsmanship to shake a guy's hand after he busts your nose and douses the ice with your blood, but these Eastern Michigan and Illinois players are clearly classy fellows.

Reverse Hops

Just in case there's any chance you haven't seen this yet.

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