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And Time, Goes By, So Slowly

Does Eric Devendorf deserve the Chris Rix Lifetime Achievement Award? :: AP : Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It's hard to imagine what it must feel like to have something named after you. Be it a hospital wing, an award or an illegal athletic maneuver, it must fill one's heart with such pride. We suspect, however, former Florida State quarterback Chris Rix would be filled with something other than pride if he knew Strait Pinkie had created the Chris Rix Lifetime Achievement Award, which honors athletes who linger in the high-profile college ranks for seemingly ungodly stretches of time. We can't help but wonder if Eric Devendorf's possible year-long suspension will eliminate him from consideration, or entrench him in the CRLAA annals for eternity.

World Wide Impact

Yes, we realize by comparing the Miss World competitors to BCS teams, B/R's insinuating some of these ladies don't deserve to strap on a bikini and prance around in front of the cameras. We'd hate to knock Miss India and Miss Russia (Florida and Oklahoma, respectively), but they are to blame for leaving Miss Trinidad and Tobago out of the mix (Texas), and that's not cool.

Charlie Weis Island

If you've been tempted to craft a Gilligan's Island theme parody ever since Notre Dame received a Hawaii Bowl bid, you're not alone. With its typical combination of lyrical flair, Photoshop expertise and disregard for human emotion, Ryan Parker Songs has put together a little diddy called Charlie Weis Island. If the site of roasting pigs -- or roasting Irish coaches -- offends you, stay away.

Heart of the Lions

Nothing will stand between Penn State fans and their White Out dreams. :: Matthew O'Haren/Icon SMI

Attempting to bring the Penn State White Out to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl? Bold. Attempting to tell Penn State students there's a "procedure" for procuring Rose Bowl tickets? Even bolder.

Fight For That Wild Card

Forget this eight-team playoff and plus-one nonsense. We all love the NFL, so why not model our mythical college football playoff after it? Align each conference with a division (sorry, Sun Belt, Conference USA and MAC, but Simon on Sports says you have to go) and proceed accordingly. We can't help but notice a bit of irony. After the recent BCS snub, Texas fans probably find themselves leaning toward a playoff format more than ever, but in this system, they'd be the bottom seed. The Longhorns just can't catch a break.

This Is A Puzzler

Generally, when a mid-major coach leads his team to an undefeated regular season, he's going to get head coaching offers from other schools. Things weren't any different for Ball State coach Brady Hoke. Just one thing: Instead of landing a prime gig, he decided to go to San Diego State. Rumors and Rants says it's a lateral move at best and a backward move at worst, and wants to know what gives. We can only assume the harsh Muncie winters were starting to wear on Hoke, and that he, like Peyton Manning, craved that San Diego sunshine.

Dumb Arrest of the Day

Turns out asking a police officer to "be cool" as a thick cloud of marijuana smoke hangs over your head isn't the best way to stay out of handcuffs, even if you're a Valparaiso basketball player.

Purple People Eaters

The D-III Mount Union Purple Raiders have gone 175-2 over the past 17 seasons, are poised to win their 10th national title since 1990 and go sleeveless in the snow. If that doesn't merit a video feature, what does?

Pop Culture Nugget

Rob Corddry is a funny man, so when he tells you a video is funny, you should listen.

Today In Hot Clicks

Reby Sky :: Photos Courtesy of

Risque Giants fan told to cover up or get out ... Bucs DL changing name to Stylez G. White ... Sneaker quiz ... New Feres twins photos ... Video: Greatest college runs ... Karaoke product.

Odds and Ends

The "Babyfaced Assassin" submissions continue ... Tune in to the Two Minute Drill tonight to hear yours truly give the best-looking female athlete competition the kind of in-depth analysis it deserves ... In this case, nepotism is OK ... SAF's last round of bowl previews.

One Mic

It's not the microphone's fault Eric Devendorf can't stay out of trouble and Syracuse can't beat Cleveland State, but Jim Boeheim's got to take out his frustration on something.

Challenge No. 3: The Punt

We have a new Tour Guy video for you today (Best of Fall, 2008 ... get pumped), which means Dan Rubenstein was able to shank approximately 7,000 punts and still sift through a season's worth of footage. Ty Hildenbrandt's Quick Slants column should be in the SIOC inbox tomorrow a.m. We'll see if pulled off a similar feat. (Oh, and a quick disclaimer for any UnderArmour advertising executives who may be reading this: Ty's views do not reflect our own. We love your products. OK, just wanted to clear that up.)

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