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Bet On The Hoff

David Hasselhoff likes spending time with UA fans. :: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography : Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Oh, joyous day. In the midst of countless protestations that bowl season has lost its meaning, there comes a ray of light and hope. David Hasselhoff will be performing the National Anthem at this weekend's Las Vegas Bowl. The news in and of itself isn't that exciting, but just remember what happened the last time Hasselhoff spent some time at a college football game. Students, beware. The Hoff's coming for you.

Inside The Negotiations

"Gambling on the fact that God will follow suit, Penn State has extended coach Joe Paterno for three more years." We can thank Tirico Suave for that admirably blunt and succinct summation of Penn State's decision to tender JoePa a three-year contract extension, and also for this breakdown of the "requests" JoePa likely made prior to agreeing to the new deal, and the gently deceptive responses the PSU brass likely issued in return. We understand why Penn State wouldn't want JoePa calling his own plays, but we can't for the life of us figure out why it OK'd that JoePa-Chris Martin wall hanging.

Are You A Club Trillion Member?

For months, we've linked to Wisconsin center John Moffitt's blog. Now, a new college athlete's blog has come to our attention. Introducing Club Trillion and Club Trillion scribe Mark Titus, who rides the Ohio State basketball bench like a champ. After our first Club Trillion reading, we've decided there are three things you should know about Titus: He'd rather wear short shorts than "shants," he's afraid of falling in love with his own distant cousin and his main goal is to play one minute in each game without putting up any other stats so that his state line reads a trillion. Good man.

A Game of Risk

Charles Barkley called out Auburn for hiring Gene Chizik over Turner Gill. :: John W. McDonough/SI

Rumors and Rants thinks Charles Barkley might be onto something with the racist allegations he's been throwing Auburn's way, but it thinks the Auburn athletic department exhibited something equally loathsome during its coaching search: safe, conventional thinking.

The Saga Continues

Their season-long battle for individual and team superiority may be over, but Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford still have one arena in which they can duke it out. That arena is, of course, women. Bloggers everywhere have been lusting after McCoy's girlfriend for months, but today, The Big Lead finally has the scoop on Bradford's girl. Give the comments a glance, too, because there's a Graham Harrell gem near the top.

Your Team's Next

Most of you Michigan fans are probably still smarting over freshman running back Sam McGuffie's decision to transfer (or indeed, over Michigan's regrettable and forgettable 3-9 season), but take heart, because not all is lost in Ann Arbor. For the first time in a long time, the hard court's going to provide more solace than the gridiron, at least if Manny Harris has anything to say about it.

Bigger Than The Big

Syracuse will probably feel a tad better about its buzzer-beater loss to Cleveland State if The Online Sports Fanatic is right and Pitt loses to Sienna tonight.

You Are What Your Drink

We've got good news for the beer drinkers out there -- It seems your alcoholic beverage preferences don't facilitate instant character analysis. Can't say the same for you vod-orange-ka enthusiasts, however.

Pop Culture Nugget

There are probably plenty "best Christmas movies" lists out there, but why waste your time with them when you can read That's So Fetch's list of the top 10 must watch Christmas movies -- from an '80s baby's perspective. Plenty holiday classics made the cut, but was there really any doubt Home Alone would take the top spot?

Today In Hot Clicks

Cheerleaders :: Getty Images/Icon SMI

Get into the holiday spirit with cheerleaders ... Renaming NFL stars after '80s movie characters ... Beckham in demand ... Tiger/Phil Xmas cards ... Video: Wii mishap ... Tug-of-War ... Car fail.

Odds and Ends

If you're still hoping to snag a Humanitarian Bowl ticket, you're in luck ... The 2008 Spreadbeater Defensive Team ... Here's some bowl game pick 'em help ... Colorado's looking to win next year, no excuses.

Bid High

For the Michigan fans who aren't soothed but the promises of basketball success, you might want to take a page out of this guy's book.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This student project takes an amusing look at good students versus bad students. Really though, who hasn't fallen asleep atop a large pile of Doritos while attempting to make it to class on time?

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