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Bowling With The Blazers

Do Greg Oden and the Rose Bowl have something in common? :: AP : Randy Litzinger/Icon SMI

What do Portland Trail Blazer Ike Diogu and the Texas and Humanitarian bowls have in common? Neither belongs in the big leagues. How about Rudy Fernandez and the Chick-fil-A, Holiday and Las Vegas bowls? They've got the flash and the promise, but not that consistent excellence we all so desperately crazy. Trust a Portland-centric sports blog like Stumptown Sports Hook to group all the bowl games by the Trail Blazer they most resemble. We were sure Greg Oden and the Rose Bowl would be paired for looking ancient, but giving off that hip, relevant vibe, but alas...

Five Undefeated Seasons, Five Highlights

We can always count on Campus Compare for some perspective. It's fine and dandy to say JoePa's been around for a while, but it's much more effective to list all the creations and advancements that have taken place during his coaching tenure, like the Internet, cloning and chicken nuggets. In honor of the man who's seen and done so much, CC's highlighting the five greatest moments from JoePa's illustrious career. Forget those five undefeated seasons. We're talking about road rage, sideline collisions and bathroom sprints.

Now That's Good Karma

This is not a lie: Alabama's new visitors' locker room is called The Fail Room.

Oh, The Humanity

Large chunks of snow are always a Humanitarian Bowl hazard. :: AP

In case you haven't heard -- though you probably have, because we, like everyone else, have been making fun of it -- the Humanitarian Bowl has sold a whopping 24 tickets so far. Seems the promise of icy blue turf and frigid weather isn't enticing enough to lure those finicky Maryland and Nevada fans to Boise. Splog's getting in on the fun by listing the entertainment events that would easily draw bigger crowds than this bowl game, including the Iditarod, a midnight showing of Weekend at Bernie's 2 and a WNBA game. We'd hang our heads in shame, too, Roady's.

It's Over! Get Naked!

Kids, kids, kids. Congratulations! As you read this, finals are either over, or ending in mere hours. First, we'd like to say we're proud of you all for a fine semester and a job well done. We'd like to think we played a small role in your success. But if you're too beat and broken to smile now that it's all behind you, Boosh has just the cure. Multiple cures, actually, along with video instruction. So follow your fellow students' leads, and throw a library flash dance, run naked around the quad or, better yet, run naked around the quad while issuing primal screams.

Let's See Some Confidence

It's not surprising that the man behind College Game Balls assigned the most confidence points to Virginia Tech in his bowl mania pickoff. He is a VaTech nut, after all. It is, however, a tad surprising that he picked Florida to beat OU, and assigned 26 confidence points to the matchup. That's a lot of confidence. More than we're willing to dish out in our SI office pool, at least.

Dumb Arrest of the Day

Little tip for Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy: Attacking a cab driver while shouting racial slurs isn't exactly setting a sterling example for the young men you lead.

You Know What They Say About Hindsight

The Big Lead, along with a lot of other bloggers and sports fans out there, would have liked to hear about these Indiana drug use allegations last March. You know, before it picked the Hoosiers to do some serious damage come March.

Pop Culture Nugget

GI Joe: Rise of Cobra -- the perfect blend of violence and hot chicks?

Today In Hot Clicks

Sarah Chalke :: Getty Images

Bowl Pool and Bowl Preview -- Scrubs style ... Comparing holiday items to ESPN people, shows ... Sports' of Twas the Night Before Christmas ... Video: Hockey fight ... Must-see commercials.

Odds and Ends

The Gunaxin Bowl Index and bowl post aggregator ... This year's bowl slate may be a yawner, but these five matchups deserve some hype ... Those Big 11 jokes never get old ... Your weekend hoops pickoff.

Let It Snow

OTR suspect this is fake, which makes us feel better about posting it. If OU wins the title, all the tears will go away.

Barking Mad

Does it count as an apology if you repeatedly insist you were speaking the truth?

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