Clicksy Award Winners

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The 2008 Clicksy Awards have come and gone. And after nearly 500,000 votes the results are in. The winners are announced below (with some brief commentary) and we even have comments from some of the winners, including Heidi Klum, Brooklyn Decker and Stacy Keibler.

Most Bizarre Off-Field Story
Jason Giambi admits to wearing lucky thong (37%)
Chad Johnson changes his name to "Ocho Cinco" (35%)
Green Bay station pulls "Seinfeld" because it's Eli Manning's favorite show (20%)
Sean Avery does a summer internship at "Vogue" (8%)

Analysis: This was wide open. And Ocho Cinco doesn't sound so crazy now that we have Stylez G. In the end, you have to honor the man who'll wear a banana hammock.

Most Bizarre On-Field Incident
Referee throws forearm at South Carolina quarterback (61%)
High school pitcher intentionally(?) hurls pitch at umpire (24%)
End of the Steelers-Chargers game in Week 11 (15%)

Analysis: We're surprised the referee didn't get at least 90% of the votes.

Wackiest Minor League Promotion
Elliott Spizter Night (34%)
Larry Craig Bobblefoot Night (33%)
Beetle Eating Night (33%)

Analysis: What a battle! And what a moment for Elliott Spitzer. First, he gets Ashley Dupree. Now he wins a Clicksy.

Worst Sports TV Moment
TBS misses start of Game 6 of the ALCS and shows The Steve Harvey Show (48%)
Game 6 of NHL Finals on Versus gets cut off in third period for Victoria Principal infomercial (31%)
Fox's Danielle Sargent's interview with Mike Singletary (21%)

Analysis: This is the most surprising result to us. We thought for sure, Danielle Sargent would take it. Maybe asking someone if they called a dead person isn't that big of a deal.

Most Ridiculous Injury
Brandon Inge injured lifting a pillow (46%)
MLS' Fabian Espindola breaks leg after doing backflip to celebrate goal (30%)
Mikhail Youzhny splits his head open after hitting himself with his racket (13%)
Hunter Pence walks through a sliding door (11%)

Analysis: We expected a better showing from Hunter Pence, but we can't say the winner is a surprise at all.

Most Embarrassing Fan Moment
Rockets fan proposes during game, girlfriend says no (60%)
Naked woman in SkyDome hotel gets put on JumboTron during Blue Jays game (29%)
Phillies fan gets knocked off traffic light by flying vodka bottle (10%)

Analysis: This was a painful video to watch.

Most Disturbing Fan Story
Bruins fan urinates on other fans during game (61%)
Iowa fans have sex in Metrodome bathroom (24%)
Patriots fan tattoo's logo into his head (16%)

Analysis: A no-brainer.

Best Sports Commercial
Heidi Klum for Guitar Hero (62%)
Olympic hoops Nike ad with Marvin Gaye singing national anthem (27%)
LeBron James sneaker commerical with Pussycat Doll (11%)

Analysis: LeBron's commerical was the most entertaining, the Olympics hoop spot was the most dramatic and intense. But Heidi's was the one you wanted to watch over and over.

HEIDI KLUM ACCEPTS HER CLICKSY AWARD Even though you're a supermodel, did you have any hesitation about doing the commercial in your undergarments?

Klum: Not really. I've done campaigns wearing bikinis and lingerie, so the white men's shirt was actually quite covered up in comparison. Plus, we were doing the takeoff on Risky Business so it all made sense. Do you ever play Guitar Hero? And if so, do you ever play wearing what you wore in the commercial?

Klum: I'd never played before. I have to catch up on learning the game! If I did play, I'd probably rock out in my sweats or PJs at home. It's all in the attitude and head banging anyway! But I'd protect my knees and neck next time. When we were shooting the commercial, I had to jump from off the couch onto the rug in a kind of slide ... and I got some major scraped up knees and actual rug burn! When I was on shoots for the next few weeks after that, I had to wear the heavy duty cover-up on the scabs on my knees! Plus I didn't realize at the time, but swinging your head around for a few hours will leave you with whiplash. So between my neck, knees and sore muscles, I was in pretty bad shape the next day...but it was all worth it -- I love how the commercial turned out! And so do we. On that note, is there anything you'd like to say to the readers who voted your commercial the "Best Sports Commercial of 2008?"

Klum: Thank you, thank you. It's an honor to be nominated, but let's face it, it's better to win! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for voting for me!

Best Rick Roll
John McCain (29%)
Mets organization (28%)
Hot Clicks readers (26%)
Eastern Washington basketball game (17%)

Analysis: We're not gonna lie. We wanted to win. But that McCain video is pretty special.

Most Memorable Betting Story
End of the Steelers-Chargers game in Week 11 (60%)
Phillies bettors get paid for suspended Game 5 of the World Series (21%)
Iowa St. covers +13 against Iowa in Week 3 because of an intetional safety by Iowa (11%)
Sasha Vujacic throws in meaningless 3-pointer in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals (8%)

Analysis: We benefitted the most from Iowa St., but the Steelers-Chargers game was one for the ages.

Blogosphere Moment Of The Year
Shaq asks Kobe how his a-- tastes (48%)
Chris Berman "unplugged" videos hit Deadspin (29%)
Chris Cooley accidentially shows his junk on his blog (23%)

Analysis: We thought Berman was a lay up. He dropped F bombs at his staff and talked about prescription drugs. But, we were wrong. You can't underestimate the shock of one man asking another man how is behind tastes.

Best Banned Commercial
10/10: Bud Light (51%)
11/24 Ikea (29%)
9/3: New Yorker (14%)
1/28: Jawbone (7%)

Anaysis: We couldn't nominate what was easily the best banned commercial of the year (Just YouTube "Guiness Banned Ad) but we can't argue with the winner here.

Best Sign
Erin Andrews Loves The Hardwood (73%)
Let's Lei Hawaii Doggie Style (17%)
Incoming Kelvin Sampson Call (11%)

Analysis: We expected this.

SIGN-MAKER (AND KANSAS STUDENT) CORY SCOTT ACCEPTS HIS CLICKSY AWARD How long did it take you to come up with the sign?

Scott: I had spent a couple days trying to come up with a good idea for a sign seeing as how the College Gameday crew was going to be in town for the game against KSU. The Erin Andrews idea popped into my head the night before the game and I made the sign the next morning Do you usually bring signs to game?

Scott: If Gameday is in town, or if it a big-time game I almost always do. No more than once or twice a year, though If you could speak to Erin Andrews, what would you say to her?

Scott: I would thank her for giving me the inspiration to make the sign. I would tell her that I would never be able to sit and watch an entire Big 10 basketball game if she weren't reporting, and that she should strongly consider switching to the Big 12 conference. I would tell her the autograph she generously gave me the night of the game was stolen from my apartment, so I would ask her if she would be kind enough to give me another one. Will your parents be proud that you won this award?

Scott: I believe they would be proud. They were actually at the game that night and they thought the sign was hilarious.

Funniest NBA Players
Shaquille O'Neal (35%)
Greg Oden (33%)
Chris Bosh (18%)
LeBron James (14%)

Analysis: We've always thought The Diesel was one of the funniest athletes in sports, and he hasn't slowed down as proven by the video we mentioned above. We're shocked King James didn't perform better.

Hottest Athlete Girlfriend Always Featured In Hot Clicks (Major Sport)
Adriana Lima (29%)
Gisele Bundchen (24%)
Minka Kelly (19%)
Jessica Simpson (15%)
Kim Kardashian (13%)

Analysis: One Victoria's Secret model tops another. The venom for Marko Jaric continues to grow.

Hottest Athlete Girlfriend Always Featured In Hot Clicks (Secondary Sport)
Brooklyn Decker (54%)
Ingrid Vandenbosch (20%)
Ashley Judd (14%)
Elin Woods (13%)

Analysis: Andy Roddick is a lucky guy. If you saw Decker's swimsuit pics, this result isn't too surprising.


Decker: Thanks. I can definitely die happy now that I've won. It's a huge honor. How does fiance Andy Roddick feel about being engaged to the winner of such a prestigious awards?

Decker: Hang on. [Roddick gets on the phone] I would've voted for Ashely Judd. Even though Andy says he would've voted for Ashley Judd, when are you two tying the knot?

Decker: Spring of '09. Is there anything else you'd like to say to your fans who voted for you?

Decker: I look forward to defending my title next year.

Best Hot Clicks Newcomer
Leryn Franco (42%)
Jags cheerleader, Kelli (35%)
Feres Twins (23%)

Analysis: We're glad to see all of our posts about Franco paid off. We're impressed with Kelli's showing. She came in way ahead of twins -- TWINS!

Hottest Reporter: National Level
Erin Andrews (76%)
Ashley Russell (9%)
Charissa Thompson (8%)
Rachel Nichols (8%)

Analysis: The Internet's darling romps.

Hottest Woman Often Featured In Hot Clicks For No Reason
Stacy Keibler (38%)
Jessica Biel (31%)
Emmanuelle Chriqui (21%)
Blake Lively (9%)

Analysis: We thought Chriqui would win. We always get tons of e-mails about her. But Keibler's legs are unbeatable. That's the bottom line.

STACY KEIBLER ACCEPTS HER CLICKSY AWARD So, you had some strong competition, but you managed to come out on top.

Keibler: Oh my gosh, that's awesome. Thank you so much. You haven't been involved in wrestling for a while, but your popularity is pretty impressive. Do you think it's because of your wrestling days?

Keibler: Definitely, and I'm really lucky because, I retired three years ago but I have such a loyal fan base and I feel like that's why I did well on Dancing with the Stars, because I have my fans behind me. It really is such a neat thing that they follow everything I do. I'm really lucky. And you were also a Ravens cheerleader. Are you still a big Ravens fan?

Keibler: Yes, I am. When I was a cheerleader, I entered and won a dance contest to get into the wrestling business and be the new WCW Nitro girl, I also won $10,000 and I used the money to buy season tickets to the Ravens and I still have them and still have my seats. I go to at least one game a year and it's always the best day of the year. I love it. I wake up early, tailgate, see all my friends and family and I have so much fun. Will we be able to see you on any TV shows in the near future?

Keibler: I just signed my third deal with ABC, and I just shot a new show called In the Motherhood wtih Megan Mullaly and Cheryl Hines and Horation Sanz and I'll hopefully be doing something on the show this season. Before we wrap up, I have to ask you about the legendary legs. Is it true you have an insurance policy on them?

Keilber: Yes. It is true. I did get them insured just in case something happened. And how long exactly are those legs?

Keibler: They're 41.5 inches long from my hip to the floor. No wonder you won this award. Is there anything you'd like to say to the Hot Clicks reader who voted for you?

Keibler: My fan base did me proud once again and I'd just like to say thank you so much. I think it's a special award. It really is. It's such a special award. When I got the e-mail about it I was really happy about it. Maybe this will get me in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue edition now. I'll do my best to put in a good word for you.

Keibler: I really want to get in that Swimsuit Issue. It would be a dream come true.

Hot Clicks Lifetime Achievement Award
Marisa Miller (64%)
Erin Andrews (29%)
Leryn Franco (7%)

Analysis: We thought E.A. would put up more of a fight. But the majority of e-mail we get that says "Please give us more so-and-so" is about Marisa Miller.

Athlete You'd Most Want To Trade Places With For One Day
Tom Brady (29%)
Tiger Woods (25%)
Derek Jeter (24%)
Tim Tebow (9%)
David Beckham (8%)
LeBron James (6%)

Analysis: Stunning. Jeter should've rolled.

Cheesiest Team Video
Rams: Ram It (39%)
Dodgers: Baseball Boogie (32%)
Eagles: Buddy's Watchin' You (29%)

Analysis: The Rams should've won just based on the title.

Best Viral Ad
Gatorade's ballgirl catch (49%)
Kobe jumps over Aston Martin (27%)
Tiger walks on water (24%)

Analysis: We thought Kobe would take this category. But that Gatorade ad was picked up on tons of sites.

Best Video Of An Athlete Singing
Greg Oden sings It's Gonna Be Me (46%)
Jonathan Papelbon, Manny Delcarmen sing Blame It On The Rain (26%)
Tony Romo sings Sweet Child O'Mine (20%)
Patriots sing The Right Stuff (8%)

Analysis: Our favorite was Papelbon and Delcarmen. It's freakin' Milli Vanilli! But the readers couldn't get enough of Oden's horrendous voice.

Coolest Athletic Video: Compilation
Stuart Tanner schools Devin Harris (60%)
Remi Gaillard (21%)
Ben Wilson (19%)

Analysis: Anytime a commoner schools an NBA player, it's newsworthy.

Cooleset Athletic Video: Single Play
Philip Lutzenkirchen of the Lassiter Trojans laterals ball from back of end zone (37%)
Wisconsin high school linebacker leaps over offensive lineman for tackle (33%)
Morgan State's Edwin Baptiste makes circus catch (30%)

Analysis: All three were great plays, but Lutzenkirchen pulled off a play you never see.

Best Pop Culture Video:
Sarah Silverman: I'm F------ Matt Damon (51%)
Any Tina Fey as Sarah Palin clip (34%)
Bill O'Reilly flips out (15%)

Analysis: We're not gonna lie. While the Silverman/Damon tune was genius, we wanted O'Reilly to win.

Favorite News Mishap

Bird poops in reporters mouth (50%)
Reporter gets taken out by sled (33%)
Reporter walks into pole (18%)

Analysis: It's always hard to top poop.