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And The Winners Are...

Stacy Keibler :: Getty Images

After almost half a million votes, it's time to unveil the winners of the 2008 Clicksy Awards. We even got reaction from a few of the winners, including the leggy Stacy Keibler.

NFL Wrapup

Here are all the must-see items from yesterday. 1) A Detroit reporter decided to act all tough and kick Lions coach Rod Marinelli when he was down by going for a low blow during yesterday's postgame conference. 2) Rams running back Kenneth Darbygot taken out by a ref. 3) Wes Welker celebrated a touchdown yesterday by making a snow angel. 4) Jeff Garciagot messed up.

At The Movies is looking at The 25 Best Thrill-of-Victory, Agony-of-Defeat Films Since 1983. (Thanks to Stan McCutcheon, of Calgary, for the link.)

Say Cheese

Prince Fielder :: AP

The Chive has compiled the 52 best sports pictures of 2008. Our personal favorite was this Prince Fielder shot, but it didn't make the Chive's cut.

This List Should Go At Least 30 Deep

Joe Sports Fan ranks the Top Seven Wrestling Theme Songs. This was always our personal favorite.


The Best Damn Sports Show Podcast was kind enough to have us on its show Friday and you can listen to it here or get it on iTunes here. ... We'd also like to thank everyone for linking up the Clicksy Awards. Some sites, such as Simon on Sports, even went as far as breaking down the four categories (Bizarre Moments, Highlights of the Year, Videos of the Year and Women of Hot Clicks) in great detail. And reader Tom Denk, of Cleveland, even made the photo above and told us we should use it as the official Clicks Award trophy. While we appreciate Tom's thought, we don't want to do anything else to encourage the Snuggie people.

Ikki Twins And WAGs

Kevin B., of Corvallis, Ore., writes "Tell me why I have to find out about the Ikki Twins on my own? Is Hot Clicks failing me or did I miss an important installment while on vacation?" We apologize. We definitely should've been more on top of the Ikki Twins. To make it up to you, check this out. has just unveiled the No. 1 sports WAG -- and has pictures of 99 other WAGs.

Today's 2009 Calendar

Eagles cheerleader swimsuit calendar

The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders have a 2009 Swimsuit Calendar on sale.

Great Video On Facebook

For at look at just how enjoyable fantasy football is to some men, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks

Tim Tebow challenged draft expert Mel Kiper about his NFL future. :: David Bergman/SI

Tim Tebow takes draft guru Mel Kiper to task ... Coach Swap: conspiracy theory, new TV show ... A slew of "Chris Rix Award" subcategories ... Video: Before Star Wars day at Ohio State.

Sports Video Of The Day

We don't know what's more impressive -- the touchdown that's scored after about a billion laterals or the play-by-play guy, who did a tremendous job calling all the action. (Thanks to Albert Abed, of Charlotte, N.C., for sending the link.)

Miracle Game Winning Touchdown - Watch more free videos

Excited Kid Video Of The Day

This clip has more than 8 million views on YouTube, but with Christmas coming up, we figured it would be a good time to trot it out. Plus, this is how we reacted after we got off the phone with Stacy Keibler the other day and we wanted to share our reaction with you. (Thanks to David, of Seattle, for sending the link.)

Commercial Follow-Up Of The Day

Tons of you wrote in to confirm that the Molson/Beaver ad we had here on Friday did indeed air on TV. And Brandon, of Vancouver, was kind enough to send us another one.

Michael Jackson Video Of The Day

If you listen to Christmas music on the radio, chances are you'll hear the Jackson Five's rendition of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. If you want to see what Michael Jackson looked like when the song was recorded, check out this video that shows us the evolution of M.J.'s face. (Thanks to Ken, of, Plainview, N.Y., for the link.)

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