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Tournament Time Is Close

UCLA Cheerleaders :: Icon SMI has come up with this formula -- Cheerleader + Bracketology = Cheerleaderology -- and posted its results in this post.

Speaking Of The Tournament...

Linus, of Maplewood, N.J., says "My company has blocked CBS Sports and I need another way to watch the tourney games from work. Any suggestions?" I'd say call in sick. Your whole company will know you're not sick, but you'd get credit for pulling off a move so bold and ballsy. If you don't want to do that, get an iPhone. All games will be available on iPhones for just $4.99.

It's Friday, So You Know What That Means

It means you better watch/Tivo/DVR Friday Night Lights tonight at 9 p.m. Even if you've never seen the show, I implore you to start now. The second half of the season will blow you away. And if you already watch, here's a treat. Manny Mangilit, of Manassas Park, Va., points out that Scott Porter, who just wrapped up his role as Jason Street, appeared in the Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore movie, Music & Lyrics. Here's a music video that features Porter, from the flick. And here is a GREAT piece on Connie Britton and the show. Lastly, here's a mock draft using characters from both the FNL show and movie.

Follow Up

Yesterday's Hot Clicks featured the strangest college courses offered in America. Readers sent in a few more gems. Nick, of Pittsburgh, lets us know that Washington and Jefferson offers "Chemistry of Beer." Philip Greenblatt, of Pittsburgh, tells us that Carnegie Mellon University offers "Sneakerology 101." And Kirk, of Los Angeles, says that UCLA offers "The Art Of Listening."

Good Karma

Syracuse :: Michael Heiman/Getty Images

John Gump, of Kutztown, Pa., (and a member of the Syracuse Class of 1987) sent this e-mail Thursday morning: "OK, the link to the Doug Towey tribute includes the first One Shining Moment, which just happened to follow Keith Smart's baseline jumper to beat Syracuse in 1987. Then, at the bottom of the page, in a nod to Gus Johnson, you break our hearts again? Twice in one day? Why? It's just mean. Please make things right by giving us a little trip back to 2003." Well, after last night, I don't think John and the Orange faithful need any more love, but I'll still come through with this link.


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Since It's Friday The 13th...

Home Run Derby provides the 13 best ballplayers to wear No. 13.

Even Though It's Tournament Time...

You shouldn't forget about the NFL draft, which isn't too far away. Wake Forest linebacker, and potential No. 1 pick, Aaron Curry is keeping a diary for and he just appeared on the Solid Verbal podcast.

An Apology

Yesterday, I posted an item on the Root-Suit. Several of you wrote in to tell me this started on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and sent in this clip. My bad for not realizing that or giving the show credit.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Jason Savage, of New York City, follows up on yesterday's clip by sending this video and saying "Long time reader, first time contributor. Here is the BEST GUS JOHNSON CLIP EVER! 1. He almost has an aneurysm; 2. Adam Morrison cries like a baby; 3. Greg Gumbel with an amazing one liner."

Chris Bosh Video Of The Day

Check out the Raptors' star moonlighting as a weatherman.

Perks Of The Job Video Of The Day

"Lunch Time At The Ford Factory" is the title of this YouTube video sent in by Richard Lee, of Toronto, who says "Aside from going on Hot Clicks, this is what people do when they are bored at work."

Britney Video Of The Day

Forgive me for belaboring this point but I just have to say this one more time. It feels like yesterday when this woman was shaving her head bald and beating up cars with umbrellas. And now she's back to making hot videos with double entendre titles.

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