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It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

Erin Andrews :: Icon SMI

Yes, we're all pumped up for the NCAA Tournament, but there is one negative to all this. With the games now going exclusively to CBS, we won't be seeing Erin Andrews -- whether it's serious EA (left), fun and playful EA (middle) or smiling EA (right) -- working courtside anymore. And while she handles MLB duties for ESPN, it's just not the same as when she's covering college football or college hoops. So Hot Clicks bids a temporary farewell to the reporter by once again linking to, who in late January posted 750 photos of Andrews. The last time I tried this, the site crashed very quickly, so let's keep our fingers crossed for round two.

UPDATE, 11:11 a.m.: Mike, of Charlotte, N.C., just e-mailed to say "You do know Erin will be doing the "play-in" game Tuesday, don't you? You're not very good at this stalking thing...almost like you have a life." Thanks for the heads up, Mike. I think.

Speaking Of CBS...

Awful Announcing has your NCAA Tournament Announcing Schedule for the first two rounds, and it's a total bummer. We have to wait until Friday to hear the best individual (Gus Johnson) AND the best team (Verne Lundquist, Bill Raftery).

Twitter Is Taking Over

I'm not saying that because I'm on Twitter. I'm saying that because Bucks forward Charlie Villanuevanow Twitters during halftime. And for all you folks who Twitter, here are 406 bands/musicians on Twitter.

Live From The Pole Dance Championship!

Denise Brown :: Jacob E. Osterhout/

Since stupid questionable "sports," such as the Hot Dog Eating contest and the Dog Show are now covered by many media outlets, Hot Clicks figured it would provide you with a recap of a secondary sport you'd really be interested in -- the US Pole Dance Championship.

The Best Tournament Link

Too lazy to fill out a bracket? Well, let this site do it for you. Speaking of brackets, check out Who You Will Lose Your Bracket Pool To This Year.

NCAA Tournament Quiz

Try to see if you know where some of the smaller schools in this year's tournament are located.

Buy These Now

From to to, looks at the Top 40 Available Sports URLs.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Bill Belichick and Charlie Weis sing -- and clap -- with Jon Bon Jovi for a little Wanted Dead or Alive.

Music Video Of The Day

What do Andy Roddick, Barry Sanders and Amanda Beard have in common. They all appear in this new video by Michael Tolcher.

Flight Attendants Video Of The Day

Jim, of Washington, says, "This is the worst, yet best rap video of all time ... is that even possible?"

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