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The Quote Of 2009

Jennifer Lopez :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Julian Tavarezon why he signed with the Washington Nationals. Yes, Jennifer Lopez is mentioned.

Who Has $1,500 To Spare?

Remember when Dwight Howardwent into a phone booth to change into a Superman costume at this year's All-Star Weekend? Well, now you can buy the phone booth for $1,500. It stands almost 8-feet high and weighs 170 pounds, so if you do win the auction, shipping could be interesting.

To Help You Win $1,500...

If you are going to wager on some NCAA tournament games (for recreational purposes only), here's some info that might come in handy. And here's some more info that might come in handy.

Bracket Talk

The various types of people who fill out brackets ... Hard-core numbers to help you fill out your brackets. ... The dark side of bracket pools. And if you need a bracket to print out, I strongly suggest's bracket. Not because I work for, but because it's sponsored by Legends of Wrestlemania.

Speaking Of Wrestling...

In Game Now is celebrating St. Patrick's Day with 10 Rowdy Roddy Piper videos -- even though he's from Scotland. Meanwhile, Uncoached is looking at the 10 best costumes in WWF history. You can also celebrate St. Patrick's Day by checking out the top Irish athletes, or 99 photos of women wearing green bikinis.

E-Mail Of The Day

Kenny, of Roxboro, N.C., says "Jimmy, so, let's all celebrate. No Billy Packer calling the Final Four this year. What? Clark Kellogg? This is the same guy who, in 2005, said that North Carolina couldn't run with Michigan State. You're joking, right? Is it even possible that CBS could go from bad to worse? Is ESPN so powerful that CBS couldn't have thrown enough money to get Jay Bilas? Say it ain't so Jimmy, say it ain't so. By the way, is it just me or was Clark wearing lipstick during the selection show?"

Kenny, I apologize, but I gotta call BS on this. Few broadcasters were disliked by viewers more than Packer, and fans wanted him out of the booth for years. So NOBODY can complain about Clark Kellogg this year. It's just not acceptable. As for Bilas, he'll be doing games with Dick Enberg.

Random Links

Check out this feel-good story about how a 16 year old used YouTube to help his dad, a marketing director with the Tampa Bay Lighting, put together a video resume in case he lost his job. ... Sox & Dawgs has a unique preview of the women's NCAA tournament. ... Here are all of your 2009 college basketball buzzer beaters in one place.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Jeff Keane, of Chicago, says "This is Waukegan's Jerome Richmond, an Illinois recruit, hitting a half-court shot at the buzzer to defeat Warren in a Illinois Class 4A Section Final. Moments earlier, Brandon Paul from Warren, another Illinois recruit, hit three free-throws to give his team a short-lived lead."

Hot Clicks often features clips like this, but this is the best celebration you'll see. Plus, the poor dude who nailed the shot gets tackled in a more violent way than you see on most NFL Sundays.

Gus Johnson Video Of The Day

To hold you over until Friday -- three minutes and 48 seconds of nothing but Gus screaming like a lunatic. You gotta love it. (Thanks to Lee Scholtz, of Darien, Conn., for the link.)

Ali G Video Of The Day

The first reports are in about Sascha Baron Cohen's upcoming movie, Bruno, which will be in theaters July 10. I haven't read the article because I don't like spoilers. Anyway, I tried to find a Bruno clip to show here, but they're all a little over the top. Instead, here's one of Ali G's greatest skits.

Recut Movie Trailer Of The Day

Many of you have requested The Shining.

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