Hot Clicks: Portman, Hayek, Promotion of the Year

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Promotion Of The Year

Natalie Portman, Salma Hayek :: Getty Images

The ECHL's Las Vegas Wranglers are holding "Over 18" night on Tuesday. It'll feature an open bar, All-Male Review (something for the ladies) and Stripper-101 (something for the men). Now, I don't want to rain on the Wranglers' parade, but it's Vegas -- EVERY night in Vegas, no matter where you are, is an "Over 18" night. But I give the Wranglers credit for creativity. I also give them credit because Stripper-101 reminded me of this oldie but goodie: 10 (Mostly) A-List Actresses As Strippers. Both Natalie Portman (Closer) and Salma Hayek (Dogma, From Dusk 'Til Dawn) made the list. I wanted to use a Salma picture today, but she was just in Hot Clicks five weeks ago. So, then I thought about using a Portman pic because I don't think she's been in Hot Clicks. But then I realized this isn't about me. It's about you. So, this poll is for you.

More Bad News For The Economy

The annual tally of how much money companies lose during the NCAA tournament is at $4 billion this year.

What's A Ute?

Mental Floss put in hours of extensive research to give you the piece on How 22 Tourney-Bound Schools Got Their Nicknames.

Ridiculous Rides

Dwyane Wade

The Angry T is looking at the Top 10 Tricked-Out Athlete's Cars.

Terrific Titles

One of my favorite things about doing Hot Clicks is seeing the creative names people come up with for their blogs. I tend to like the ones that incorporate someone's name the most, a la The Legend of Cecilio Guante, Deuce of Davenport, Tirico Suave, The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes, Hugging Harold Reynolds and Sharapova's Thigh. Well, wants to decide the Best Blog Name, so make sure you vote in this tournament. One relatively new blog that isn't in the contest is making a strong play to be in next year's: Smoking With Hank.

E-Mail Of The Day

Craig Ashford, of Eugene, Ore., says "A student from our law school is raising money for his unpaid internship. He got creative and offered up his services to clean our filthy, disgusting, and genuinely awful (it defies description) student cooking area in the school lounge. I would like to see this happen. In addition, the guy is funny. Could you post this as a Hot Click? I really want some clean appliances at the University of Oregon's law school. Thanks!" After seeing those microwaves, I don't think I have a choice.

This Guy Should Be An NFL Receiver

Alexander Ovechkin scored his 50th goal of the season last night. How did he celebrate? By pretending his stick was on fire.

Twitter And Facebook

Check out the Hot Clicks Facebook Group for more links and photos. And check out Twitter for even more stuff. Speaking of Twitter, Charlie Villanueva, who recently got in trouble for Twittering at halftime, says UConn coach Jim Calhounwill coach the Huskies next game.

Sports Video Of The Day

Robert Soderlind, of Harnosand, Sweden, sends in the Top 10 Mid-Air Volley Goals.

Pogo Stick Video Of The Day

Gentlemen, you WILL cringe. And make sure you watch it twice. The second time, focus on the friend. (Thanks to Vince Huff, of Reading, Pa., for the link.)

Sheep Video Of The Day

Several of you sent this in and there's no way to really describe. The YouTube title is "Extreme Sheep LED Art" and that pretty much sums it up.

Ali G Video Of The Day

Hot Clicks closes out Ali G week with a talk about Euthanasia. Or is it Asia?

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