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Franchises As Bar-Time Hookups

Amanda Bynes :: Getty Images

Last week, Hot Clicks told you aboutJulian Tavarez's quote in which he compared signing with the Washington Nationals to being drunk and looking for Jennifer Lopez but hooking up with a 600-pound woman instead. Well, the Baltimore Sun's Toy Department blog follows up on Tavarez's quote by asking -- and answering -- the question: "What if we viewed every franchise the way Tavarez does: As the equivalent of a bar-time hook-up?" Hot Clicks has one entry to add to the list. Franchise: Tampa Bay Rays; At the bar, they are: Someone you didn't think much about, you didn't pay much attention to their growth, you always thought they were too young and didn't have much talent. But then one day, out of nowhere, BAM!, they flourish, you can't help but be impressed and you have to give them a lot of credit for turning things around. Think: Amanda Bynes. (Thanks to Henry, of Baltimore, for the link.)

Programming Announcement

I will be fortunate enough to interview Zach Gilford a.k.a. Matt Saracen of Friday Night Lights tomorrow afternoon. If you have any questions for Zach (besides "How hot is Minka Kelly in real life?") send them to me and I'll do my best to have Zach answer them. Meanwhile, via The Big Lead, it's looking more and more like FNL will be back for two seasons, but minus some key characters.

What A Gas!

Yesterday, we told you about the minor league team selling a $20, 1.67-pound burger this season. Well, another minor league club is offering Fat Tuesdays, an all-you-can-eat type of deal. But that's not the interesting part of the story. The interesting part of the story is that the club is also taking measures to help folks who, um, let's see how I can put this, may endure some gaseous issues as a result of all the eating. (Thanks to Andy, of Greeley, Colo., for the link.)

Maybe They're Lovers And Not Fighters?

The Angry T uses video evidence to come up with The 10 Girliest Sports Fights.

Twitter Doings

Barry Zito, Shaquille O'Neal :: Getty Images has put together a thorough rundown (and some amusing stories) of all the real and fake NBA players on Twitter. Here are a couple of interesting Tweets, with typos and all, from a few players I follow. Yesterday, Shaq posted this: "I have oe ticket laft at will call under twitter, first one there its yurs just say twitter." Charlie Villanueva, who last week got in trouble for Twittering at halftime, said yesterday, "I'm a little tired, I'm about to peform my typical pregame ritual, which is take my clothes off and catch some Zzzzzzzz... nap time. L8r." While Shaq and Villanueva use Twitter for laughs and fun, Barry Zito uses it to share introspective thoughts. Such as, "how does it happen that the best experiences are always the one's that are free? a good laugh, a warm embrace, a day in nature." And, "Is the better way to see our own light and help illuminate as we can, or just be ourselves and let others reflect it back?"

48 For 48

Over the weekend, a reader sent an e-mail asking if I know of anyone who has filled out a perfect bracket. The answer is yes. Hank Sherman, a 21-year-old student at the University of Missouri ran the table last weekend.

NCAA Tournament Mad Libs

This is actually pretty funny.

Movie Brackets has found a movie to represent each Sweet 16 team and is pitting them against one another. Your job is to vote. Meanwhile, Sparty & Friends has come up with a field of 64 sports movies (broken into the baseball region, football region, basketball region and other region) to battle it out. The No. 1 seeds are Bull Durham, Hoosiers, The Longest Yard and Slapshot. I implore all of you to give No. 10 seed Varsity Blues an upset over No. 7 Any Given Sunday in the football region.

Hot Clicks Nation, I'm Hurt

My future wife, Blake Lively, appears on David Letterman's show Tuesday and I don't get one e-mail about it? What's up with that? Sure, it could mean none of you care about Lively, Gossip Girl and/or Letterman, but I can't accept that. So here are pics from her appearance and the video. And as a bonus, if you liked the Rolling Stonephotos of Lively and her castmateLeighton Meester that were in Hot Clicks last week, you might want to check this out.

Sexy Photo Shoots On Facebook

For seven of the sexiest photo shoots, check out the Hot Clicks Facebook Group page. And you can also get into the Twitter craze.

Sports Video Of The Day

Anthony Moore, of Melbourne, Australia, sends in this pretty cool commercial for the Australian Football League.

Anna Kournikova Video Of The Day

Anna Kournikova (looking awesome). Jimmy Fallon. Beer Pong. Enough said. (Big thanks to The World of Isaac for sending me the clip.)

Live TV Video Of The Day

Luckily, the woman is OK, because now we can laugh at the flustered studio crew.

Cow Video Of The Day

Ryan Cassidy, of Columbus, Ohio, says, "This could quite possibly be the funniest five seconds ever caught on video."

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