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Hot Clicks: Charlie Villanueva likes Heat cheerleaders

Thanks, Charlie

Heat cheerleaders :: Courtesy of

This lead item comes from Bucks forward and Twitter maven Charlie Villanueva. This is what he Tweeted yesterday afternoon (typos and all): "Just woke up, an login to, have you people seen the dance team bracket? Look at the Miami heat dancer, are u serious?" Here's the bracket Villanueva was talking about and here are tons of pictures of the Miami Heat cheerleaders.

I Hope She Gave Him Her Number

Scotty Churchill, of Myrtle Beach, S.C., sent this e-mail last night: "I just happened to be watching MLB TV at the bar, watching quite possibly the most boring thing -- spring training baseball between the Brewers and Diamondbacks -- when out of nowhere Corey Hart hits a home run. Meanwhile, on the lawn a blonde bikini babe is lying down sunbathing. Then, out of nowhere, a hero in a very funny T-shirt tracks the ball down and makes a great catch, while falling over the damsel. The ball surely would have hit her. You must get that video. I implore you. It's stunning." Luckily for me, I didn't have to search for the video. Busted Coverage sent it to me early this morning.

Stern Stuff

The NFL Network is stealing bits from the king of all media, Howard Stern. That's really no surprise because pretty much everyone on TV and radio steals from Stern. But I'm really posting this because it gives me a chance to mention something you must check out. I can't link to it because the language is, well, it's the Howard Stern Show. Anyway, you MUST go to YouTube and search either "Howard Stern Tradio" or "Sal and Richard Tradio" and listen to the clips in order. (After that, you should go order Sirius if you don't have it because Stern is still the greatest thing on radio BY FAR). These are some of the funniest phony phone calls in the history of the show and I guarantee that you will laugh hard if you listen.

Forgettable Footwear

Kobe II

Gibbs 12 ranks the Top 10 Ugliest Kicks Of The Past 20 Years.

Baseball Movies

How Well Do You Know offers up a baseball movie quiz.Speaking of baseball movies, one is responsible for one of the more surreal Jeopardy! answers in recent times. And along these lines, Diana Galvin, of Doylestown Pa., sends in our eBay Item of the Day.

Wrestlemania XXV Is This Sunday...

So let's take Part 2 of Mental Floss' Wrestlemania quiz, look at the 25 worst matches in Wrestlemania history and read about Wrestlemania's untold stories.

Farley Follow Up

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A million of you (OK, slight exaggeration, but a boatload of you) sent me the ESPN commercial of Chris Farley doing his Christian Laettner impersonation. The reader, however, had asked for the bit in which Farley played Rumeal Robinson. Maybe he was confused? I'll investigate further.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Here's Edmonton Oilers prospect Linus Omark, playing for Sweden in a game against Switzerland on Tuesday and scoring one of the coolest goals you'll ever see. (Thanks to Jonas, of Stockholm, Sweden, Shawn, of Antigonish, Canada, LP, of Los Angeles, Brad Hoelzer, of Batavia, Ill., Josh, of Maple Glen, Pa., and Mike, of Jacksonville, Fla., for the link.)

Dancing Fan Video Of The Day

Erol, of Merrimack, N.H., and Steve, of Nashua, N.H, sent in this clip of a Jazz fan getting down.

Live TV Video Of The Day

A reporter falling down never gets old.

Halle Berry Video Of The Day

Sometimes you just need to see Halle Berry doing some sexy dancing.

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