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Hot Clicks: Lucy Pinder, Heath Bell rips ESPN

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E-Mail Of The Day

Lucy Pinder :: Courtesy of

Jason C., of Great Neck, N.Y., gets us started: "Jimmy, you need to come through for your fellow New Yorkers. I saw that the Yankees got their [expletive deleted] kicked tonight and I know you're a big Yankees fan, so you must be down, too. But things were actually worse for the Mets. Between tickets, parking, food and other crap, I spent nearly $600 tonight to see my team lose to the freakin' Padres!!! I also had to see the cast of West Side Story sing the national anthem. How could that be the best the Mets could come up with for the opener of a new stadium??? And to top it off, I had to watch Duaner Sanchez, who the Mets CUT in spring training, and Heath Bell, who the Mets traded for nothing, shut us down in the eighth and ninth innings. The whole night sucked. Please cheer me up in the morning with some Lucy Pinder pics." I'm surprised Jason left out the fact that the winning run for the Padres scored on a balk. At least Erin Andrewswas at the game. Anyway, here are those Lucy Pinder pictures.

Speaking Of Heath Bell ...

He HATES ESPN and Baseball Tonight.

There's Always Online Gambling

Allen Iversonhas been banned from a couple of Michigan casinos. He reportedly throws his chips or cards at the dealer. I give him props. I've always wanted do that when I have 20 and the blackjack dealer pulls out a 21 and gives that scrunched-up face and says, "Ooohhhh."


Bruce Pearl

You must check out Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl rapping at a school event last night. He even throws in a "Yeah, Boooyyyyyy!" at the end.

The Next Brett Favre?

This is not a fake story. Duke point guard Greg Paulus, who played quarterback in high school, worked out for the Green Bay Packers yesterday. One could imagine that things looked like this.

Like Lookin' In The Mirror gives you 26 NFL players and their look-alikes.

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The Top 10 Barney Stinson Quotes (though there's nothing about peanut butter and jam in there). ... Yesterday, I mentioned that readers complained about me not promoting the fact that Minka Kelly sported a bikini in the last episode of Friday Night Lights. Well, this should make it up to you. ... If you liked Seinfeld and you also like "adult" movies, boy, are you in luck. ... You MUST read thisWoody Harrelson story.

For Must-See Padma Lakshmi Pics ...

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Sports Video Of The Day

You might not be able to understand a word in this clip, but it'll be easy see what this unhappy soccer coach did. (Thanks to Adaig, of Ann Arbor, Mich., for the link.)

Rugby Video Of The Day

Here is a 30-man fight from a rugby match last weekend. (Thanks to Martin, of Glasgow, Scotland, for the link.)

Saved By The Bell Video Of The Day

After seeing Mr. Belding in the Sweep the Leg video featured in Hot Clicks last week, Doug Dvorak, of Appleton, Wis., sends in this oldie but goodie in which beeps are added to Saved by the Bell dialogue to make it sound dirty.

Tribute Video Of The Day

Remembering the man with unbelievable pipes, Harry Kalas.

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