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Hot Clicks: Girls wearing MLB jerseys, Nats spelling error

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Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum

Marlins Mermaid :: Courtesy of

Hot Clicks wanted to acknowledge two baseball stories today: the Marlins' hot start and the Nationals' ineptitude. I have over 76.5 wins for Florida, so I wanted to celebrate the team's 11-1 record with a look at the Marlins Mermaids. Unfortunately, when you search the team's Web site, this is the message you get: "Check back soon for info on the 2009 Marlins Mermaids." So, I'm improvising by giving you this gallery of 75 girls wearing baseball stuff. There are also these unofficial Marlins Mermaids pics. As for the Nationals, their 1-10 start isn't even the most embarrassing aspect of their season. That would be a tie between this jersey mishap and benching and fining Elijah Dukesfor being five minutes late to the ballpark -- after he was signing autographs at a Little League function.

Praise -- And A Message -- For MLB Network

I completely agree with Major League Jerk about MLB Tonight being better than Baseball Tonight. (Cheap plug: I've even Twittered about this.) Major League Jerk even has 10 reasons why this is the case. But I have one complaint about MLB Network, which easily can be fixed. On the weekends, you MUST run your highlights show all morning. When it's 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. on a Saturday or Sunday morning, nobody is interested in World Series Highlights or Baseball Seasons. We want highlights from the night before. East Coasters especially need highlights of West Coast games.

Gisele Just Got Even Hotter

Tom Brady's wife reportedly won $1 million betting a soccer match.

Homegrown Talent

Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett, Josh Howard :: Getty Images

What if NBA players played only for the teams closest to their hometown? One thing is clear from's research: The Charlotte Bobcats, with Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett, Josh Howard and Ray Allen, would be heavy favorites to win it all.

Three For The Price Of One

Check out the way this Boston fan shows his allegiance to the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots and Celtics.

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Facebook And Twitter.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Aaron Richardson, of Fitchburg, Wis., sends in this rap set to Nintendo's RBI Baseball. You gotta check out the old-school shot of Peter Gammons at the 1:18 mark. (Warning: Song contains graphic language.)

Commercial Of The Day

Hot Clicks has featured commercials for "Jones' Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage" a couple of times. Well, Jones has outdone himself with his new venture. (Thanks to Pedro Castro, of Alsip, Ill., for the link.)

Separate Ways Video Of The Day

While the rest of the world goes crazy forSusan Boyle, I'll stick with these kids. (Thanks to Parker, of Charlotte, N.C., for the link.)

Kids Band Playing Journey @ Yahoo! Video

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