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Road Warriors: Joba Chamberlain

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 Q: “What's your favorite place to eat on the road?”

 A: “Any steakhouse. I like any kind of steak and I like to go to different ones to see how good they are.”

Hotel movie you regret watching
“Oh, I watched Balls of Fury”

Favorite Sports Venue
“The old Yankee Stadium.”

City with the most rabid fans
“Boston — at Fenway”

City with the most passive fans?

Least Favorite City
“Cleveland, because it has too many bugs”

Joba Chamberlain

New York Yankees Pitcher

SI:What's the gadget you can't live without when you travel?

Joba Chamberlain:Probably my cell phone: an iPhone.

SI:What's one thing you'd change about hotels?

Joba Chamberlain:I'd offer free Internet. Most of the hotels we go to don't have free Internet. You have to pay $15.

SI:What's one tip you can share with people who travel a lot?

Joba Chamberlain:Bring lots of pillows and blankets if you plan to sleep on the plane.

SI:What's your least favorite way to travel?

Joba Chamberlain:By car; I had to do it a lot when I was younger.

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SI:Do you care where you sit on a plane?

Joba Chamberlain:I try to sit in the same spot, so yeah. I sit one row behind the exit row.

SI:Window or aisle?

Joba Chamberlain:We get a row for a seat, so when I travel I'm always by the window so I can lean my head on it.

SI:What's your favorite city to visit?

Joba Chamberlain:Kansas City, because my family can see me there.

SI:What's your least–favorite sports venue to visit as a fan or player?

Joba Chamberlain:Fenway.

SI:Any reason besides the obvious?

Joba Chamberlain:For us, the clubhouse is kind of small. I like playing there, but it's really small.

SI:What's your favorite place to eat on the road?

Joba Chamberlain:Any steakhouse. I like any kind of steak and I like to go to different ones to see how good they are.

SI:What's your favorite steak?

Joba Chamberlain:A filet.

SI:Favorite steakhouse?

Joba Chamberlain:If the steak is good, I really don't care. I like Del Frisco's, here in the city. The Capital Grille's good, too.

SI:What's your craziest/best travel story?

Joba Chamberlain:We just had it. In Kansas City, we were flying through a storm, I think. It was the most turbulence — I sweated through my shirt I was so nervous.

SI:Do you normally get freaked out on planes?

Joba Chamberlain:No, not really, but this one, I was holding the seat in front of me with both hands because I was so scared.

SI:Which city has the best–looking women?

Joba Chamberlain:Anaheim.

SI:Are you a blonde or brunette type of guy?

Joba Chamberlain:I don't discriminate.

SI:What kind of music do you listen to on the road?

Joba Chamberlain:Everything. It depends on what mood I'm in. I'll listen to everything except opera.

SI:What'd you listen to before today's game (April 18 game versus Cleveland)?

Joba Chamberlain:I didn't listen to anything.

SI:Do you have a favorite artist?

Joba Chamberlain:Jay–Z. I come out to Jay-Z.

SI:What's the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?

Joba Chamberlain:I start thinking about all the stuff I have to do, like unpack. It's weird, but I can't go to sleep unless I have all my stuff unpacked.

SI:What's your favorite mini–bar item?

Joba Chamberlain:Doritos. We usually get Doritos in every mini–bar.

SI:The spicy ones?

Joba Chamberlain:No, the regular red bag of Doritos. Usually, we get regular Pringles, but you can only eat Pringles for so long.

SI:What is one travel item you carry that is essential to on–field performance?

Joba Chamberlain:Powerade, because you realize when you're dehydrated how bad it is for your body.